Heavenly Vixen is here!!!

For everyone who reserved their very own Wax Heaven baseball card, they are now printed and signed. The cards will ship this Saturday, March 15th and will go out in a penny sleeve & top loader (as pictured). The print run is exactly 22, with 20 being given away to readers of Wax Heaven. Out of the twenty names, I am short 12 addresses.

The following readers, please contact me by Friday with your mailing address or P.O. Box #; Joey, Squeeze Play Cards; The Fake Horse Muffins; Greg Armentrout; Daktion; Todd, Mike Levine (again); Brandon, Beckett Media; Joe; Cincy Reds Cards; Jeff, On-Base Autos; Greg, Custom Made Cards; Duane; Officer27$.

If I don’t get a response by Thursday night, I will send out one e-mail to whatever address I have on file but if I don’t get a response before mail day, your reservation will be lost. I won’t do it to be a jerk. We just need cards to give away to players at spring training.

Heavenly Vixen II’s photoshoot is scheduled for this weekend. It will feature the Infamous Tatiana in a New York Yankees uniform and perhaps a somewhat more provocative photograph. Also, the print run will be anywhere from 50-100 with no more than 15 cards autographed. Stay tuned for your chance to win a free Heavenly Vixen II baseball card!


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