Collectors are two-faced!

Beckett Media, the world’s most hated publisher of sports card-related content is giving away a master subscription on their blog and all of the sudden, people who were bitching and moaning 24/7 about their format change, lack of editorials, and everything in between are going there making guesses on how many pages the new issue will have so they can win the prize.

Shame on all who turned their back on Beckett before even giving the new format a chance. I am sure at least 2/3 of you are the same ones trying to win free magazines. As for me, I will give the new format a try, at least with the baseball issue. I even went and took my own guess, too! Do you guys think I’ll win?



  1. I was critical of the change, but I also was one of the few that said I’d give it a chance before condemning it completely.

  2. LOL! That many pages makes the $6.99 cover price worth it.

    I stopped subscribing when they quit inserting the promo cards, but I still pick up an issue now and then. The new Plus with the DiMaggio cover is tempting. It might have to accidentally fall in the grocery cart next time I’m picking up bread and milk.

  3. I broke down and bought the new Sports Card Monthly and have to say it’s not all bad. Only the last year’s worth of stuff but it had most of the info I needed. Guess I can’t condemn that huh?

  4. I find it interesting that when someone has a serious question it doesn’t get answered on Beckett’s Blog. In the thread: Video Sneak Peak I asked some very serious questions. They were not responded to, although there have been several staff replies to other posters since. Mostly innane answers about innane questions.

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