Twins owner thinks all black people…

…look alike. Well, at least the ones that play on his team.

In an interview given to South Florida newspaper, The Sun-Sentinel, Torii Hunter was quoted as saying, “I’ve only had one owner, and he called me Kirby Puckett.”

You would think the guy would know Torii from his eleven seasons with the Twins but what do you expect from the team that gave away Johan Santana? I am looking forward to seeing Hunter in a change of scene and putting up some big numbers in 2008. After all, how else will I sell my 1 of 1 Finest printing plate?



  1. To be a little fair, the Twins owner is about 142 years old, probably can’t really see any more, and may not remember anything after 1993. I saw him at TwinsFest riding in a golf cart, and it looked like he was asleep (or dead), despite being on the field of the Metrodome with 15,000 other people around him. As for Torii, good luck with that–I would expect an ok season, but not a $90 million over 5 years season. And time will tell on Santana (although I fear you may be right and hope you might be wrong more than I think you might be wrong).

  2. That last sentence confused me! 🙂

    Anyways, I read the article in the paper today and thought it was funny. I don’t think the man is a racist.

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