Shocking eBay auction!

Well, what do you know? With all this crazyness over Fidel Castro cards being defaced and ridiculous Andrew Miller lots on eBay, someone had to remind me that somewhere on this planet, believe it or not—Jose Canseco is still one hell of a popular player! How do I know? Well, for one you can check this auction’s winning bid. I was one of the early bidders, maybe as low as #3 but I never expected this card to sell for as much. Is it a late resurgance in popularity for Jose or perhaps the work of other fanatic Jose fans?

I would have gone as high as $50 but not a penny more. Truth be told, I didn’t want the card that much. As popular as those 2005 Donruss Prime Patches are, I think they are horrendous-looking. I like my baseball cards with full photography, not a mugshot and a bunch of chopped up pieces of memorabilia. I will admit, though…the autograph looks sweet.

Maybe next time. In the meantime, I think I will continue to chase my ‘White Whale‘. It will cost a lot less and looks a lot nicer, in my opinion.



  1. I watched that auction figuring I’d like a new present for my tax returns. When it ended I was floored. Kinda crazy for a card that wasn’t even a 1/1.

  2. The power of the Canseco cult following!
    The guy who won that card has a sick Canseco 1/1 collection that makes me jealous.

  3. that card went for way more than I thought it would.. not even jersey prime pieces. the new ebay system sucks too.. hiding the ID’s makes for much more shill bidding IMO. Canseco cards in general have taken quite a leap in price recently.. I was picking up numbered auto’s for short money 4 months ago and now they are getting some top dollar prices.

  4. I snagged the Oswalt one from that set for my player collection a year a year or so ago for about $40…I thought that was high…can’t believe this one went for over $100!

  5. Check out my 05 Prime Patches Canseco collection (25 different) here under heavenly collections.
    I tell you, these are not the prettiest cards but they are definitely holding their value

  6. I’ve picked up 2 prime patch auto’ed so far and was interested in that one too..

    Bryan, I won the nameplate one you were bidding on.. I emailed the guy offering $25 to end the auction and he came back with you offered him $40 so he would take $50 to end it.. I told him to sell it to you then and then $35 would have taken it so he said when I started ignoring his emails. finally won it for $12.50 and had a good laugh at that idiots expense!

  7. I never offered that guy a thing except for a $10 max bid.
    I already have that card but since it was listed under a misspelling, I figured $10 would be worth it.
    That dude is a retard.

  8. The two 1/1 Austin Kearns cards I have from Prime Patches have been had for under $12 with the shipping off of ebay. Crazy that one closed as high as it did.

  9. yeah he was retarded enough to only get half of my original offer by leaving the auction up and being greedy. great for me..saved me some loot to pick up more cards I need.

  10. Look at it now another quad relic canseco is up for bids. Get on the bandwagon now. Any guesses as to what the hammer will drop at? P.S. a patch card numbered to over 100 just cleared over $25! The draw of Jose.

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