The Comeback ‘08: Part II

Well, I finally went and started my official comeback into the world of organized baseball. As many of you might know, I was playing in a semi-pro league in 2005 when my arm gave out on me. Today, I began training with Greg Brown, a former Florida Marlins prospect and current college baseball coach. To say this man knew what he was doing would be a huge understatement. The man fixed my swing in a matter of minutes and had me crushing the ball like I’ve never done in under 10 minutes. Of course, this shouldn’t come as a shock since this guy trains Manny Ramirez, Miguel Tejada, and Dontrelle Willis, among others. I hope to train with Greg at least once a week for a couple of months to help bring my swing up to date, and work on my horrific outfield “skills”.

The first half of the session went well, as it involved only hitting but the last 20 minutes or so had to do with fielding and particularly, running. Let’s just say I pulled a Roberto Duran and yelled out “no mas” a little earlier than I had hoped. Had I gone any further, I would have probably fainted and/or died of an Asthma attack. The great news? I felt 0% pain while hitting and throwing long distances. The good news? I can still hit well. The terrible news? I am in the worst shape of my life. In the last game I played in I was a speedy yet powerful hitter that weighed 215 lbs. Today at training, I weighed in at a horrendous 238 lbs. That’s life in Suburbia, fatherhood, and stresses, not to mention lots of Taco Bell.

Below are a few pictures captured by Tatiana. There will be more next week.



  1. Keep going man. Keep going. I had to give up my career because of arthritis. College coaches were drooling. A power hitting catcher with a quick release and fast feet. Keep that dream alive.

  2. Keep it up,

    I also am sitting at 238 and while its no picnic for playing sports, Ive learned to use it to my advantage on the field. Just imagine a 238 pound guy sprinting 90 feet into a catcher thats blocking the plate….can you say SAFE. The conditioning and endurance will come with time but you’ll eventually learn how to play through being tired(this im sure you know already). Good luck and keep your head up!!!


  3. sometimes my two 9 y/o girls read these blogs with me… this was one of those times. The first thing they both said when they saw the pictures was; “where is his hat?”
    That’s baseball to two 9 y/o girls…….
    Good luck bud!

  4. Hey good luck man i hope your dreams come to a reality.. iv been trying to get a hold of Greg Brown i play for a semi-pro league in coconut creek and i whant to get in touch with greg brown to train with him if you have any information on how i can reach him please help me. thnanx my email is my cell # 954-548-0555

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