Everything happens for a reason

(thanks to Bryan for alerting me on this auction)

$2,758. That’s a nice number, isn’t it? That is exactly how much I got back from my income taxes this year. $700 dollars of that money would have been for a case of 2008 Topps Finest and the rest would have gone into the bank. Of course, as it turns out, my car was stolen just before my check arrived and every little bit was used to buy a used car, get a title transfer, new tags, etc. So imagine my shock when this auction was put up on eBay last night. Yeah, that’s right—36 autographs, 3 one of one’s, and a few game jerseys to boot. Is it frustrating to have to watch as someone is about to become an Andrew Miller super collector? Yes and no. It is somewhat disappointing but I truly believe everything happens for a reason, including my car getting stolen. Who knows? My case of Finest could have been chock full of Michael Bourn auto’s and nothing more. As far as the auction, nothing beats getting up close with Andrew Miller and having him sign two cards from my personal collection, not even this awesome lot.

If the reserve for this auction is met, I offer my congratulations to the winner. Andrew is something special. He may not have “it” yet but I can see him being a 17-20 game-winner for years to come. Have faith and continue collecting!



  1. What a lot Mario, That would have been my choice over the Topps Finest case. Hey did you see the big Canseco game used auction on ebay posted last night? If it hasn’t gone already. Search for Canseco game used lot, like 30 cards.


  2. Hi, Thank you for writing about my andrew miller collection. The reserve was not met on my Ebay auction. So i guess i am going to put it back in my baseball card vault and keep on buying more andrew miller autograph/jersey rookie cards.

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