Well, for those that don’t know, yesterday I celebrated my 28th birthday. Yikes, I’m getting old. Usually, my birthdays suck, as do my Christmas gifts but this year was one hell of a bash, well, gifts-wise anyways. I was surprised with MLB 2K8 for my Xbox360, an awesome outfit for my baseball workout tomorrow, a cool silver necklace, a box of Topps Moments & Milestones, lots of money from relatives, and an awesome home-made gift from my little sister. I felt like I was turning 12 again!

Well, there was one gift that didn’t make it on time. It was purchased by the “Infamous” Tatiana on eBay and arrived this afternoon in the mail. It is a 2007 Topps Triple Threads Andrew Miller autograph/3 piece game-used card #’d to 99! The card itself is a beauty and means a lot since I wasn’t able to pick up any Triple Threads (although I don’t regret it). It’s yet another card to add to my growing collection. I am now up to 27, including 8 autographs!

With that being said, I have brought back my trading bucket. I have decided to clean it out and start fresh. I will only be adding good cards from 2008, so if there was something from ’07 you had your eye on, you will have to e-mail me about it. Now, having only opened three boxes this year, the bucket looks a little empty but you can expect it to fill up very quickly as Topps Finest is around the corner and I plan to bust at least half a case! CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY TRADE BUCKET.

As of now, everything busted in the box breaks is up for trade but at the moment I only collect Andrew Miller & Jose Canseco but will also accept trades for Derek Jeter, Tatiana’s favorite player.