2008 Topps Moments & Milestones

Wax Heaven is back on track! It’s the third video box break of ’08 product in two weeks.



  1. Hey, you pulled Stickbug’s autograph! (some of the Sox fangirls started calling him that and it’s really too appropriate not to, um, stick.)

    What’s Francona’s record on burning out the arms of young guys? (other than Curt Schilling, he’s a special case.) I’m worried.

  2. Dude. Want that Pence. Don’t know if I have anything good for you, but I’ll definitely look 🙂

  3. Okay. Now that I’ve watched the WHOLE THING. I am definitely interested in all those Pences, as well as the Felipe Paulino AU.

    Drop me and email, and let’s see what we can do about swapping some stuff. 🙂

    Isn’t it a strange place that the hobby has gone? 2 autos, 3 #d to 10, 2-3 #d to 25 and all those stars and it can still be considered a mediocre at best box break?????
    Back in the day that would have been a “hot box”
    Oh well at least they are still fun to open.

  5. Happy B-Day Mario nice box break. It’s amazing how much I look forward to reading this blog every day and watching your box breaks. Once again thanks for all you do. Look forward to your next box.

  6. Happy B-day Mario,

    Nice break! I broke a box of M&M today myself and pulled 3 autos and a ryan howard 1/1. If you ever want to trade pay me a visit at waxbreaker. I new to the game so most of my collection is 07-08 baseball and my site is moving kind of slow but feel free to check it out. Thanks for the video breaks.


  7. Welcome to the blogging world, Spud. I will link to your blog in a minute.

    Congrats on the three auto’s! You are damn lucky, plus your 1/1 was better than mine!

  8. The 1/1 is always a trip. I love the naked thru glass with strippers references. Under-rated is the music in the background probably sets you nicely apart from the rest. Gotta agree with ya hellme. Mario Canseco thanks for the site.

  9. Let me get this straight. Topps is putting “set box stickers” in Moments & Milestones — a product no one can possibly collect — but isn’t putting such stickers in it’s flagship brand (’08 Topps)?

  10. clay buchholz are selling for $35 all day. he threw his no-no in his 2nd start, and sorry to disappoint, but jeter only signs for upper deck. been that way for years now.

  11. Hey Wax I left a comment on your trade page… I have a sweet Numbered Jeter Bat card that your wife would absolutly love that I would trade for the Buchholz and I may throw in some cool jeter inserts she doesn’t have.

    email me.
    Rad-berston …..aka “Davey Baseball”

    ps- yes I am a Yankees fan who also likes the Sox! So sue me!
    I watched Drew in that cool movie again night before last and then last night I re-watched Pride of the Yankees and 61.
    Oh I also wanted to tell you that I saw your Manny bat you pulled from that box of Bowman Heritage and its sweeeet! Even if it doesn’t book very much, I think it should book 100 bucks! If you know what I mean. So yell at me about the Jeter – Buchholz trade. I will see what andrew miller cards I have to throw in as well.


  12. Anyone know what a Buchholz moments and milestones 1 of 1 magenta printing plate goes for??/ I pulled it today

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