Jose commits a fashion faux pas

I remember looking at the back of my 1991 Upper Deck as an 11 year-old and thinking how cool Jose Canseco was for wearing a shirt underneath his team jacket that said “leave me alone”. How very Bart Simpson of him! Of course, when you have a favorite player you don’t just look at the cards, the photography, the facial expressions—you study them. For me, I was sure I’d never see that shirt again.

Well, this morning while searching eBay, I found something that came as a shock to me. It’s an oddball card from a brand called “R.B.I” released in 1992 and in its set, Jose Canseco’s card features the very infamous t-shirt. Here is my question; if the card was first featured in 1991 Upper Deck using photographs from 1990, does that mean this 1992 R.B.I set used photos from 1991? If that’s the case, was Jose so starved for attention, by asking to be left alone, that he wore the horrible t-shirt more than once and in different seasons?

I say instead of having Jose’s sister put up old videos of Jose’s home runs on eBay, why not find this ancient, 90’s-style shirt of Jose’s and put it up on eBay for the leftover Canseco fans to bid on? I’d do my best to win the auction, create custom Jose cards with one of the two photos and include pieces of the shirt as memorabilia cards. That would either be the greatest tribute to Mr. Canseco or perhaps the worst idea I’ve ever had.



  1. I think he wore the shirt during the 1990 World Series. I remember seeing a picture of him in the Cincinnati papers wearing it. Maybe both companies bought a ton of photos from the Series?

  2. I love how he’s smiling for the camera while protesting the intrusiveness of the Paparazzi. “hey guys look at this!”

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