Fidel Castro is dead!

Well, maybe not but his 1/1 cut signature from 2007 Allen & Ginter is. Someone put it up on eBay but only after defacing it (writing all over it) to make some kind of statement. Look, I live in South Florida, my wife is Cuban, and I am in no way a supporter of Fidel—but why? Why would you take an authentic autograph of one of the most notorious men of our lifetime and destroy it to make a statement? If you really wanted to make some kind of statement, sell the card in pristine condition and take your $7,000-$10,000 and make donations to people in need, here or in Cuba.

Whatever you intended on doing, you failed. The auction was pulled from eBay. Now all you are left with is a worthless card and more eBay fees. Viva la revolucion? Not likely.




  1. Yeah, did anyone save the picture? I get the invalid item screen now. Curses! I didn’t even know there was a Fidel auto in A&G.

  2. Wow….what a shame. I may not agree what the mans views or what he did but that card was a piece of history and to deface it like that is a real shame. If they didn’t want the card why not just donate it to a museum or sell if for charity. I am sure there are plenty of collectors who would have loved to have that card to show their children when they grow up…me included.

  3. “Fidel Castro, Jerk.”

    That is AWESOME!!!!!

    Hell, it might be worth more now. It’s a little piece of artwork and it’s got some publicity. Hang that sucker in the Museum of Modern Art and watch the art snobs swoon.

  4. “Fidel Castro, Jerk.”

    That is AWESOME!!!!!

    Hell, it might be worth more now. It’s a little piece of artwork and it’s got some publicity. Hang that sucker in the Museum of Modern Art and watch the art snobs swoon.

  5. That card could have sold for thousands–that guy is an idiot.
    Deface a picture or start a blog to let everyone know you don’t like him.
    Would it be “awesome” if an Atheist destroyed the 1/1 Pope autograph card???

  6. It’s their card, they paid for it, it’s theirs to do what they will with it. It’s a card, people. It’s not that important. The message, however is important and the owner of the card has every right to make it.

    This is just a piece of cardboard with an autograph and some holographic stickers stuck to it. It’s designed to get people to buy more boxes of A&G. The document the autograph was originally on got destroyed just to make this card so it’s not really historical anymore it’s just a collectible.

    I still stand by my belief that the person has actually made this card much more valuable. Dog chewed Michael Vick cards ring a bell?

  7. Forget you love collecting. Forget you love baseball. Forget you hate ruthless dictators. Put this into perspective. It’s a piece of cardboard. It’s a human with a pen who wrote his name on it. SO WHAT that it’s a 1/1 ? 1 of 1 what? It’s 1 copy of a marketing ploy. I’m not one for politicial demonstration, personally, but it was cardboard that someone wrote on. Now it’s cardboard that two someones wrote on. On a side note, I do somewhat agree with this person’s sentiment. This card bothers me as much as the media does when they release the names of people who go on shooting sprees in malls or schools. 11 times out of 10 that is exactly what the culprit wanted. Some attention. Not that Castro wanted attention from Topps but why celebrate in any way, shape, or form someone who has devoted their life to the oppression of his own people.

  8. I wish I knew cause it didn’t sell the first time and it was back on eBay a couple of days ago and I am sure it didn’t sell again.

  9. As a Cuban, I FREAKING HATE communism. Do some research on how the economy is in Cuba right now. We are over here bitching about gas prices and nonimportant rubish. Did you know that if the Cuban police find you with a piece of steak in your home, you will go to jail for a certain amount of YEARS. Yeah, years for having a piece of beef. In Cuba, they don’t have hot showers. They have to heat up their water in a God damn pot and pour the water on themselves. You want a cookie? A cake? A pastry? Here, there is no problem, over there, they have weekly rations, and dessert is not included. One of my girl friend’s 19 yr old nephew just came here from Cuba on a boat. He got here two days ago. They went to a grocery store and when he saw all the food, he was terrified that he would get in trouble or arrested for taking the food. We have NO IDEA how lucky we are. We always take things for granted. And yeah, while I think Castro is a complete and ultimate douche bag, I would have sold his shitty auto for all that it was worth. It would have been an “IN YOUR FACE, B*TCH!” moment for me. Gaining wealth from a tyrant, a dictator, a man that has ruined thousands and thousands of lives, including some of my very own family, that would have been ultimate satisfaction for me. So, yeah, the guy that ruined that card is a complete and utter idiot. And that’s coming straight from a Cuban. πŸ™‚

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