I am going to try to print out ‘Heavenly Vixen’ this weekend and will try to find a box of ’08 Topps Moments & Milestones to bust but there aren’t many shops in my area so it might be tough. Also, will be getting some birthday money very soon so if I promised you free cards or if you are waiting on me to complete my end of a trade, everything will go out this Saturday morning or else I will shut down Wax Heaven! This message is for Bryan, KMunson, ChemGod, JBob, Rob, Chad, and a few others.

In the meantime, enjoy this clip for some cheap supplement Jose is pushing. You might remember seeing the ad at Wax Heaven a few weeks ago, well now the company has put all it’s pennies into a “professional” tv spot…available only at YouTube?

P.S – Talk about an awkward photo.

P.S.S – Why is Jose, a straight man as far as I know, wearing contact lenses to change his eye color?