Dmitri: Put a fork in him!

You know, I talk a lot of crap about Barry Bonds but its guys like Dmitri that should be banned from baseball. You can give me all these excuses about him battling depressed and being addicted to alcohol but that doesn’t change the fact that he assaulted a woman all while on the D.L. a few years ago. At best he was a decent power hitter for a couple of seasons while playing full time just two out of twelve years. Now he’s facing Diabetes and showed up to spring training weighing 298 lbs. This is what kills me. If you are blessed enough to be able to play a kid’s sport for a living (and a great one at that), why not keep out of trouble and train a little? The guy is the luckiest man alive and he squanders whatever opportunity he has to play full-time in 2008. Of course, his statement to the press was the usual “me against the world” bullshit. Dmitri, I hope Nick Johnson steals your spot in the lineup.

From article:

“”People who judge, I could really care less what they think,” Young said Wednesday, according to The Post. “Their opinion means nothing. A lot of people do judge. The only judge I know is God.”



  1. I can’t hate on 1 of 2 men to own a PSA 10 Dave Winfield rookie.
    I can hate on Dmitri for being such a bad influence on his younger brother and squandering so much.

  2. I haven’t played since college 13 years ago, but I might be able to beat Dmitri out for the 1B job. But, then there’s Nick Johnson, he’d beat me out. So, I’ll keep my day job at the SEO agency.

    It’s got a better outlook for me than “D’Meat-hook” has right now.

  3. A Dmitri Young jersey card. There’s no way that could be a scarce item. If the average is 1,500 swatches for the ordinary player, I’ll bet you can get 4,000 from Dmitri’s. Perhaps David Letterman should give him some of the Terry Forster “fat tub of goo” treatment.

  4. Funny, I was thinking about how many jersey swatches could come out of Dmitri’s jersey…I guess I wasn’t the only one thinking about that.

    At LEAST 4,000 swatches…at least!

  5. Ooooh I want that card!! 🙂

    Dmitri’s okay, he performed last year when we needed him to, but now that Nick the Stick’s back he can sit on the DL, fine by me.

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