The meaning of life by Wax Heaven

On a lonely Wednesday morning, when the rains don’t give out and the sun is nowhere to be seen we may ask ourselves, “God, what is the meaning of life?” You may not come away with an answer immediately but thanks to Wax Heaven, you now know the meaning of life is to look at photographs of 250 lbs. David “Big Papi” Ortiz ride in a motorcycle side car. Somehow, the usual playful Ortiz looks confused, scared, worried, and cold all in one expression.

In other Red Sox news, a scout for the team was arrested after allegedly masturbating while watching two teenage girls swimming in a hotel pool. If you ask me, the guy should have just gone to a bar with Manny Ramirez and watch as one Dominican girl after another flocks to Manny. Surely, he would much rather catch Manny’s sloppy seconds than to lose his virginity to “Bubba” in jail. All someone has to do is spread the word that he is now a sex offender and it involved children and watch as some of the worst scum of society team up on this pervert. Ahh, prison justice can be sweet sometimes.



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