Baseball cards & video games!

It’s been a rough week. I have been consumed with baseball cards & Wax Heaven so much so that I didn’t even get a chance to read my issue of Game Informer #179 that came in three weeks ago until today. When flipping through the pages I began reading a preview of a game called M.L.B 2K8 which is being released on March 3rd according to G.I. I don’t usually play anything but Grand Theft Auto & Fight Night but something in the preview caught my eye and rather than tell you about it, I will show you the page scan from my magazine.

So along with all the other crazy things you can do in video games, you can add collecting baseball cards to the list. Is it just me or do those old cards look like some bizzaro 1993 Donruss or something? Anyways, the game is being released for the Xbox360, PS3, and Wii so make sure to keep an eye out for it. I am somewhat interested in the title but I am not sure if I will pick it up or not.

As for me, you won’t see another blog for a good 24 hours or so since I have a special event to host at work. Enjoy this, the 11th blog of March 2008, on just the second day of the month. Am I not the hardest working blogger in the business? Ben Henry, eat your heart out!



  1. If you play games, you should check it out. I have 2k7 and love it. I’m pretty excited for the baseball cards and updated rosters on this one.

  2. Not a new concept. I think All-Star 2002 had baseball cards, and Madden NFL had football cards on the 2003 version. Not the most exciting parts of the game, to tell the truth.

  3. The cards in Madden, when first introduced, were kinda neat and then they just started getting really annoying. I just want to play football not have cards that give Chad Pennington 100% accuracy for a quarter.

  4. Also MLB ’08: The Show, while PS3 exclusive, is going to be a much better game than 2k8. I wish EA could still have a liscense to make MVP baseball again. That was a great baseball game.

  5. Long live EA Sports baseball games. MVP was amazing. I want to check out the Show but unfortunately I only have the one system.

  6. The last 2k baseball game was outstanding and actually used true physics, unlike the MVP series, where they checked physics at the door. I think it looks a lot better than it plays out (in regards to the trading cards screen) at least that’s how it was for 2k7.

  7. 2k7 was good if you worked with all the sliders forever. There were too many home runs and you could always tell if you were going to win or lose in the first inning depending if you were getting shelled or not. I want to just take a game right out of the box and play it and not have to mess with sliders to get it “right”. MVP ’05 might be the best baseball game I’ve played outside of RBI Baseball.

  8. Russ, I could not agree more. I forgot how much I screwed with the sliders. By the end, it was probably a completely different game from straight out of the box. I agree about ’05 too, that game was incredible. I still get urges to play it, and usually regret trading in my original XBox.

  9. Another baseball video game to check out is MLB Power Pros. If you can get past the cartoonish graphics (which are actually kinda neat once you get used to the non-realistic models), the game is really good. The gameplay is fun, the physics for hitting are really good, and there are a lot of stats. There’s also baseball cards in it, which don’t add a lot, but it’s a neat touch.

    Plus the game has a feature where you take a rookie freshman in college and make choices for him — kinda like an RPG — and they all affect his chances at making it to the majors. It’s different and fun.

    Also, the game has a lot of difficulty options, so as you get good at it, you can keep increasing the difficulty and turning off the “helps”, to keep the scores and stats realistic.

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