My Andrew Miller collection

Wow, sleep disorders are no joke. It’s almost 2 A.M and I am watching H.B.O’s George Carlin comedy special for the second time in three hours. In the meantime, I chose to do something I wish I could do with my Jose Canseco collection but can’t; I have scanned my entire Andrew Miller collection, card by card! It may only be 26 cards, but it was a pain in the ass. Thank goodness for the FREE service by Pacasa, a Google-owned company that I used for my hosting. You can check out my Andrew Miller collection by clicking HERE.

I will be adding all 2008 “hits” and short print cards to my trading bucket next week. Life is way too hectic right now to start trading this week. The good news is that I just finished two time-consuming projects I was working on that will allow for me to have some extra personal time. So, if you have ANY Andrew Miller that is not pictured, e-mail me at and make me an offer! I want all Andrew Miller cards, signed, game-used, short-print, base, whatever!

P.S – Anyone who uses Photobucket to host their card collections, I challenge you to try Picasa. It’s 101 times better than Photobucket (no obtrusive ads, better layout, more options). It’s the only way I’d display my collection.

P.S.S – There is a new Heavenly Collections around the corner.



  1. Nice collection Mario! When was he traded to Florida? By the way…picked up a few packs of UD at Target last night and pulled the X rated Pujols….Unreal! LOL Someone goofed on proofing that photo.

  2. He came to Florida in the heart-breaking Cabrera/Willis trade of December.

    Jeff, I will post a blog about the X-Rated Pujols, with scan in a few hours!

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