LaRussa’s favorite baseball card

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Tony “D.U.I” LaRussa had the same man crush for Jose Canseco in the mid-80’s that he has for Albert Pujols today. One thing “popped” into my mind when I pulled the Pujols St. Louis checklist card #357 and that was “oh my God”. Thanks to Upper Deck, Pujols is now the victim of the craze that is Adult Cards. Below is a safe scan of the card. If you’d like to see the un-edited one, click the link below it.




  1. The boys and how they pretend to be straight–get real don’t do a Larry Craig. Women are eye candy but what do they really swallow?

  2. So apparently and its readers really like manly bulges cause they linked to this story and so far we’ve gotten over 2,000 views on this story alone.

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