Heavenly Collections – Austin Kearns

Over the last couple of months, Heavenly Collections has become incredibly popular at Wax Heaven. While it is great looking at these immensely impressive collections of 1 of 1’s, autographs, and everything in between…sometimes it is easy to forget that as much as we love this hobby, that is all it is, a hobby of collecting small pieces of cardboard.

I believe many daily readers know Joe Cuevas as the resident clown who is always prepared to launch a quick zinger or two here in the comments section or one his own blog, Cincy Reds Cards. Unfortunately, unlike most collectors featured in Heavenly Collections, his tale is as bittersweet as you can imagine. You see, Joe is a die-hard Reds fan who collects Austin Kearns. In the prime of his collection, Joe had nine 1 of 1’s, 100+ game-used memorabilia cards, and over 200 base cards of his favorite baseball player.

Joe’s life changed forever on August 29th, 2005 when a hurricane named Katrina swept through his town, devouring everything in sight, including Joe’s beloved baseball card collection. Twenty five years of collecting was swept away on that day, including those rare 1 of 1’s that can never be replaced. After the storm, Donruss & Topps delivered cases of baseball cards to Joe and other collectors who lost their collections on that day. It was a class act that should be recognized by all collectors. Joe wrote a blog about it which you can read by clicking HERE.

As tough as it was, that is the past and Joe is looking to a bright future of lots of Reds cards. Since that fateful day Joe has accumulated 384 different Austin Kearns cards and is shooting for a hefty 1,500 of the 2,173 Beckett-recognized Kearns cards as of January 2008. Joe has started another blog specifically for his Austin Kearns collection. If you have any Kearns that he doesn’t have, you might even be able to work out a nice trade with him, hell—you’d be repairing the heart of a collector who lost it all just a few years back. So pull out those 5,000 count boxes and begin diggin’!

For anyone interested, Joe is starting Med school very soon. I have a feeling in a few years he will own every Kearns baseball card ever made, including the ones lost to Katrina. Hey, money can buy you anything. Just ask this man.



  1. Cool idea for a blog, dedicating it to one specific player’s cards. It’s even cooler if the player once played for your favorite team, as Kearns did for Joe’s Reds, but now plays for another team, and you still blog about those cards. Look forward to seeing more of your posts Joe and keep on blogging!

  2. Thanks Scott. I will be doing more on both sites now that I will be home more days a week.
    It was a tough choice to continue collecting Austin as a National but I knew he would still be a good player and now has even more cards than as a Red.

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