Video Box Break – 2008 Upper Deck

The longest box break in the history of Wax Heaven. It was fun, though!



  1. Reds Pack Break:

    Pack One:
    David Ross DENIES THE PLATE to that poor Pirate.

    Pack Three:
    Moderator: “This is a really bad pack.”
    Infamous One: “Ken Griffey, Jr.”
    Moderator: “OOOOOO”
    Look at Ken in the end of an effortless swing to crush one out. NICE.

    Pack Six:
    Edwin Encarnacion. Holding up after rounding second on a double off of Oswalt.

    Pack Seven:
    Fransisco Cordero – The Reds new closer in his Brewers uni punching out a Cub. For the save.

    Pack Eight: Bronson Arroyo kicking it up before dropping the 12 to 6 curve on Dimitri Young.

    Pack Nine: Jake Peavey – Not a Red but I miss those yellow Padres unis. That is one nice card.

    Pack Eleven: The one player I collect- Austin Kearns. Signing ball at ST .

    Pack Thirteen: The one card Infamous does not announce is David Weathers being congratulated on the mound after a Save against the Mets.
    Next we have Joey Votto RC playing in the AAA All-Star Futures game. Future star of the Reds in early action.

    So six current reds and one Red in last seasons uni. That about sums up the highlights of the box break.

  2. Brendan Harris was traded to the Twins in the Delmon Young deal. Will probably start at 2B for us, after starting most of the year at SS for the Rays last year.

    And I hope your kidding about Grady Sizemore being an average player at best… Hit .280 in a down year last year, OBP of .390 (for a leadoff hitter), 24 HR (28 year before), ~80 RBI, 33 SB. Guy is a 5 tool player.

  3. I have all my Grady Sizemore in penny sleeves and top loaders. That is as good as it gets in my collection, but when compared to Pujols/A-Rod, etc…he is average. I am a fan, trust me.

  4. Cry would not be the word. Very impressive Thome pulls. I think you got every card in the base set of Thome.

    Tatiana, Buehrle is pronounced “burly”, for future reference.

    That was one of my favorite Newsradio episodes you quoted from. Awesome!

    Nice job, as always!

  5. Mario.
    I would like to send you a 2005 Topps set. You can use them as flash cards so the Infamous can learn to pronounce names. Check out the front of one.

  6. I’m going to have to second Tony’s (we’re not the same person, promise) comment about Sizemore. “Average at best” is borderline insulting (okay, I may be an Indians fan). His cards may not tear things up, but he is an excellent baseball player.

    Trust me, I watched him play over 160 games last year.

    That being said, I’d be interested in that card 🙂

  7. I’m enjoy the video pulls, Tatiana’s pronounciations, and each new blog post.

    Yes, I’m the new guy around here.

    That jersey card of “another guy you haven’t heard of” (aka: J.J. Hardy of the Brewers) kept-up w/ Prince Fielder in HRs the first half of last year. Look for him to hit .300, knock 35 HRs out of the park, and be a big reason Milwaukee finally gets back into the playoffs.

    No, seriously! [grin]

    I was out at the Brewers/Royals Cactus League game today (my parents were in town, and that’s just who the Brew Crew was playing — too bad). And, whether you care or not, let me give you the scoop on some of the good guys of the game. I was able to talk briefly with a lot of players today.

    I only spoke w/ two or three Royals, but I’ll definitely vouch for Billy Butler as being a friendly and approachable guy. He was genuine. And Joey “watch my video on YouTube where I freakin’ jump over cars in a parking lot” Gathright said he normally would stop and be happy to sign, but that the “guy back here behind me” (one of the trainers) is taking him to another field to run.

    Perhaps it was a cop-out, but it definitely seemed like the trainer walking behind him meant business. So, I thanked him for the entertaining videos on the Web (again, where he is jumping over parked cars), and he got a kick out of that.

    As for the Brewers, manager Ned Yost always, always takes time to sign for 10-15 minutes during spring training. I heard on the radio this week that he’s an avid hunter and fan of NASCAR, so, since I already have his autograph (from last weekend), I asked him about both subjects. He seemed happily surprised that I knew he was into both things, and took a little time telling me, and others around us, how his hunting season went, and that this weekend’s NASCAR race was on a tough track. For the record: I was going to predict Matt Kenseth (a Wisconsin guy) would win — and I should’ve. I heard, on the way home that Matt did win today in the BUSCH series race. Oh well.

    Sorry, this is long, but you’re still reading, so…

    Tony Gwynn was the best guy today. He was the last Brewers player left signing after the game, and was really talkative w/ everyone. I talked with him the most, and expressed my appreciation for taking so much time signing — at least 20 or 30 minutes of signing! He didn’t miss anyone.

    I also grabbed sigs from Brewers 3B coach (and former Brewers player from my youth), a stupid-fast infield rookie Alcides Escobar, prospect, who pitched today Steve Bray, and OF Laynce Nix.

    The entire time at the stadium was perfect. The crowd was fairly small, so more players seemed willing to sign, and the weather was 76 degrees, sunny, w/ a perfect cool breeze. My parents wnjoyed their first spring training game was much as anyone could. We got pictures with players and Yost, the sigs, and video of our time with some of the players.

    I love this time of year!

    Forgive the length, but I wanted to share this perfect spring training day with some people who could appreciate it.

    As for cards, here’s a bit more about me and my predictions for this year’s young players…

    I’ve been collecting off and on since the summer of 1979, and I’m a 35-year old. I’m interested in a lot of players, but especially Ryan Braun, Justin Verlander & Matt LaPorta (Who? …read below for more on this stud Brewers hitter)with additional interest in: Prince Fielder, Justin Upton, Matt Holliday, Daric Barton, Nick Markakis & Jayson Nix.

    I predict these rookies will have stand-out years in 2008: Twins RHP Kevin “I’ve Also Got a Fastball” Slowey, A’s 1B Daric “My Parents Can’t Spell” Barton, Rox 2B Jayson “Yes, My Older Brother ‘Laynce’ Also Has a Silly ‘Y’ In His First Name Too – My Parents Have Issues” Nix & Evan “Enough ‘Desperate Housewives’ Jokes…OKAY!” Longoria.

    I also believe Brewers LHP Manny Parra & OF Matt LaPorta, Reds OF Jay Bruce & probably Angels SS Brandon Wood are, most likely, one year away from grabbing the spotlight.

    There, now you know me better, “the new guy.”

  8. Nice break

    I happened upon some upperdeck 08 booster boxes and pulled a Jeter game used jersey. If you are interested let me know. Also, 70 bucks for that box is a steal. Here in Colorado they are going for around 90 bones.

    Keep up the good work

  9. Where are you in Colorado and where the hell are all the card shops???
    I just moved to Colorado from Oregon….

  10. Michael Joseph, thanks for that awesome comment. Long or not, I love reading feedback on the site. My questions is….who will be the Brewers home run king in ’08? Braun or Hardy? I think Prince will not hit 40 this season, for some reason.

  11. Whatthehellme, Im from southeast Denver there is a hobby shop a mile from my house and one in Aurora which is about 15 minutes from me. You can contact me at waxbreaker if you need directions.

  12. The cards are nice… but I must say that always lovely Tatiana looks particulary hot in this video. Good box break, but it was hard to focus on the cards. Honestly, at the end of the video, I had no idea what cards are pulled. Something about Matt Holiday or something. Where’s my oxygen? Upper Deck should hire Tatiana as their spokeswoman… their sales would skyrocket.

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