Video Box Break – 2008 Topps Heritage

Woo hoo! Mantle MOJO!!!

The most fun we’ve had busting wax, ever…



  1. Reds Pack Break:

    Pack One:
    First Card! Aaron Harrang! Staff Ace!
    Why does Topps INSIST on having only the worst Harrang photos on cards? He either looks hungover or pregnant.

    Pack Three:
    David Weathers – new setup man and former closer.
    Josh Hamilton – Former Red in Texas now. Does not look demented in this Heritage issue.

    Pack Four:
    Cubs got the pink circle!

    Pack Five:
    Ken Griffey Jr. in the classic Jr. pose.

    Pack Six:
    Juan Encarnacion is shown as a Red but was traded by them in JULY OF 2002. How long does it take to update a photo?

    Pack Seven:
    Another Juan Encarnacion poser card. This had better be a mess up on Topps part by putting the bat boy’s picture on the card.

    Pack Thirteen:
    Alex Gonzalez. Out a few weeks with a fracture in his knee.

    Overall a good box. But way too many doubles for the size of the set and cards in the packs.

    Congrats on the Mantle!

  2. So lets get this straight, Man-Ram, Joba, 2x Miller, Game Used Mantle, Griffey, If that don’t give you an O-Face what else would! This is why baseball cards are more fun than Lottery Tickets. A chance to hold history!

  3. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the 08′ heritage has no mantle bat relics that I know of. If you check the card, that is a piece of stadium seat. So you have a piece of a chair someone sat in to watch Mantle play. Kinda sneaky on Topps part but at least it was exciting.

  4. Yeah, they’ve pulled that scam many times before. The presidential first pitch cards come to mind. They had a piece of seat that supposedly was there when a president (take your pick) threw out the opening pitch. Another Topps gimmick. Much like pieces of bases, pitching rubber, foul poles and any other number of random items they can attribute to someone famous possibly being in the vicinity of.

  5. Great cards, and an entertaining box break. I just got my box yesterday. I am looking forward to doing some ripping for the next couple of weeks.

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