A day in the life of Wax Heaven

5:30 A.M – Wake up, check e-mail & blog

5:45 A.M- get ready for work

7:00 A.M – arrive at work, check e-mail once more, respond to Wax Heaven related e-mails

8:00 A.M – start work, browse blogs, news sites, & eBay for story ideas

10:00 A.M – post my first of 3-4 blogs of the day

12:00 P.M- lunchtime, cash my check—skip lunch

5:30 P.M – the day is over for most men, not for me

6:30 P.M – arrive to a local print shop, print out the Heavenly Vixen cards (delayed until 3-14-08)

7:15 P.M – meet the Infamous Tatiana at Earth2Comics shop, buy Hobby box of ’08 Upper Deck, shoot the shit for a bit (added ’08 Heritage)

8:30 P.M – shoot video box break, arrange & organize collection

10:00 P.M – begin preparing seven different packages going out in trade/giveaways (Kmunson, Rob C., Bad Wax, Bryan the Canseco King, etc.)

11:00 P.M – begin uploading video box break, working on new blog, scanning new cards for product review

11:59 P.M – the day is finally over!



  1. Sounds like a party-I am whipping up some Vodka cranberry drinks!
    I am feeling a big pull out of one of those boxes……

  2. Damn….it’s 1 A.M and I still have cards to arrange, reviews to write, and that damn video site is taking forever to upload the two box breaks.

    I am going to bed. You will get a kick out of the Heritage bust tomorrow. It was a lot of fun!

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