Welcome to This Week In Baseball Cards (T.W.I.B.C), a new weekly feature from Wax Heaven where I will break down some of the stories that broke out of the baseball card industry and made headlines throughout the nation.

$9,000 in baseball cards stolen – I’ll give the crooks credit for the iron bar scam but I hope that this guy’s collection is returned.

Construction worker steals baseball card collection – It’s a shame when cons go after senior citizens but when baseball cards are involved, it’s even more tragic!

A story about Phil Hughes’ slightly overrated blog – Overrated or not, it’s 1,000 times better than Curt’s.

A novel about a baseball card lost and much more! -This thing is probably going to be very cool! I am picking up a copy.

A story about a collector ashamed to admit it – Damn! The author has a face made for HAM radio.

Got any more interesting stories? Let us know!