This Week In Baseball Cards!

Welcome to This Week In Baseball Cards (T.W.I.B.C), a new weekly feature from Wax Heaven where I will break down some of the stories that broke out of the baseball card industry and made headlines throughout the nation.

$9,000 in baseball cards stolen – I’ll give the crooks credit for the iron bar scam but I hope that this guy’s collection is returned.

Construction worker steals baseball card collection – It’s a shame when cons go after senior citizens but when baseball cards are involved, it’s even more tragic!

A story about Phil Hughes’ slightly overrated blog – Overrated or not, it’s 1,000 times better than Curt’s.

A novel about a baseball card lost and much more! -This thing is probably going to be very cool! I am picking up a copy.

A story about a collector ashamed to admit it – Damn! The author has a face made for HAM radio.

Got any more interesting stories? Let us know!



  1. Phil Hughes does have a quite entertaining blog, mainly because of his random pictures. I love random picture blogs, especially ones that aren’t on MySpace or LiveJournal and don’t make you “friend” them.

    Curt Schilling’s blog is a whole ‘nother country. It’s probably telling that his blog is in my Google Reader folder for “sf and fannish” blogs. Science fiction fandom is my first fandom, and guys like Curt Schilling are a dime a dozen in sf fandom. He just happens to be a fantasy fan and gamer who plays baseball for a living, instead of working in a call center or programming computers or whatever the many, many geeky men I’ve had the (mis?)fortune of meeting in fandom do when they’re not killing things with their level 67 elves.

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