Jose Canseco featured in the Onion!

I don’t know if anyone actually reads this crap but here it is. To me, I have never been much of a fan of the Onion but I take it many are judging by how much publicity they get in the media. I don’t know, it’s too much “drunken college frat guy humor” for me and I just can’t relate to it. Still, for some reason I find any skit on Mad TV featuring Bobby Lee to be comedic genius so I have no right to speak.

You guys, expect a video box break, product review, and other surprises tonight at Wax Heaven!



  1. Man! I just tried to click the link and since I am at work it won’t let me visit the site. It comes up as forbidden… do you know what it’s filed under in forbidden? “Humor/funny”

    The company I work for is saddistic, they have banned happiness. 😦

  2. The Onion is probably some of the best written satire on the web. While not all of its articles hit the mark, it’s the real gems that make it standout among its peers.

  3. That article is so stupid -but pretty creative and funny.
    I have read the Onion “newspaper” here in Boulder before, and even though I already know everything in bogus-I still have to remind myself its not real because some of it is actually well written.

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