Scott Spiezio is a thug

Damn, this came out of left field. Scott Spiezio, former Oakland A’s and St. Louis Cardinal utility player had a warrant issued for his arrest after an incident on Dec. 30th, 2007 in which he was driving under the influence, committed a hit & run, aggravated assault, and assault & battery. Shortly after finding out, the Cards, led by another alcoholic, Tony LaRussa, released Scott.

Unfortunately, Scott doesn’t look and sound very gangsta’ so I went to the website ‘The Original Gangsta Name Generator‘ and typed in Scott Spiezio. The result speaks for itself. Yes, Scotty…you are a Stupid-ass Fool.



  1. Being drunk makes everyone a “thug” for a little while at least.
    A gangster name generator???
    They have a website for that?!?!?!?

  2. Oh my god, that Gangster Name Generator site is fun!!!
    You can get your self pirate, cab driver, mexican wrestler, and mafia nicknames.
    That is the kind of good, stupid fun I needed today!
    My mexican wrestler name is El Taco En Fuego.

  3. Wow. Scott’s career really tanked after he ill-advisedly left the Angels didn’t it.

    Looks like my name is Gun Doggy Gorilla. Awww yeaaah.

    Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

  4. Just for fun I typed in Jose Canseco, because when I think of Wax Heaven, I think of Jose Canseco. His gansta name is Rank Dirty Scratchy Nutz.

    Mine isn’t any better as Tree Trunk Baller.

    My favorite that I tried was Walt Weiss. He is now dubbed Slimy Chinaman. Although typing in Will Ferrell had unexpected results.

  5. I tried Will Ferrell and it is indeed funny.

    I then put in ‘dayf’ and got this:

    Stanky Left-Hand Cock-whacka

    Goddamn, it’s like they *know* me or something!

  6. My O.G. name is Butt-jugglin Red Snappa–i’m not to sure about that but whatev
    Mario, whats your O.G name??

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