Ozzie Canseco: the video!

I prefer for Tatiana to be the face of Wax Heaven—after all, no one is going to request a lipstick kissed baseball card of Mario Alejandro, right? Well, last night the so-called Infamous Tatiana was quivering in her boots as she walked up to Ozzie Canseco. Believe me when I tell you, it wasn’t from the cold. She was terrified, and when she finally got Ozzie’s attention—completely froze up on me. As you can see/hear…I didn’t have anything planned for Ozzie but it turned out okay.

Thanks to Ozzie Canseco for being so friendly, signing two cards, and for cranking out that monster home run minutes after we met you!


14 thoughts on “Ozzie Canseco: the video!

  1. Do you have Taco Neck Syndrome?

    Cool video. It would be nice to have one of the time I met Dale Murphy and the time when I met Cal Ripken and Eddie Murray. Eddie messed up my hair and they both signed my glove. I was 9.

  2. No T.N.S for me. I was hiding the camera in case Ozzie was in a bad mood or didn’t want to talk. When he appeared to be a nice guy—I pulled it out.

    Give me a break, Joe….it was freezin’!

  3. Freezing? That would be shorts weather for me. Loved the video. Too cool. Now I have to google taco neck syndrome.

  4. That was awesome!
    He seems so humble, you couldn’t ask for a better athlete encounter.
    Can’t wait until next week!!!

  5. I thought it was funny how it seemed like the people in the background were used to people recognizing Ozzie. Shame there’s no footage of the homer.

  6. I didn’t tape his first at bat—didn’t think of it. After his home run I taped his second and third at bat and watched as he singled and later popped out.

    Maybe next Wednesday!

  7. I plan to go again next Wednesday but won’t ask for another auto or photo with him. I am just going to support him and stay and watch the game for a few innings.

    I could def. do an awesome interview but I don’t want to bother him much. If he approaches me, then I will ask!

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