Are all basketball players lazy?

28 02 2008

A couple of months ago I asked the readers of Wax Heaven to show me their worst baseball autographs and in the end, I was certain no sport could possibly out-do us. That all came to an end after ‘bballjunky24’ of the Beckett Message Board took me to school with these ugly basketball cards!

Imagine paying ridiculous amounts of cash for a box of Bowman Sterling and pulling an autograph of “R.F.4”. I don’t know much about this guy except for the fact that he is just 24 and is in his second year in the N.B.A. I hope he isn’t bored with signing because if he blossoms into a better player, he is going to do a lot of signing in the future.

I don’t even know what the hell that thing is. Could it be a fancy “A”? Maurice Ager is a 23-year old who has played in under 50 games for his career and has an average of 1.8 P.P.G. Maybe he wore himself out signing for Upper Deck and that’s why he scores so little?

This one falls right on the verge of lazy and somewhat interesting. Leandro is actually a pretty decent player who averaged close to 20 points per game last season. At 6’3 inches…he might be the tallest South American in the history of the world. Okay, maybe not but it comes close. I think.

Do you know any other bad signers in basketball? This one gets my vote for a great-looking autograph.




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28 02 2008

Pepe Sanchez might be one of the best, look up his on eBay.

28 02 2008

ha, they are so stupid. can u add me to ur blogroll
u r on mine 🙂

NYYPitcher12 and Yankee625

hey i collect cards and autographs. Here are some autographs i have

-Yogi Berra (ball)
-Mickey Mantle (ball)
-Whitey Ford (Picture)
-Jerry Stackhouse (Trading Card)
-Josh Howard (Trading Card)
-Mark Cuban (Ticket)

These are some. I am getting Hank Aaron’s soon!

28 02 2008

Oh, Ager was traded to the NJ Nets

29 02 2008
Mario C.

I will add you in a little bit.
Congrats on that nice auto collection!

29 02 2008

is this the part where I say something horrible, like most basketball players haven’t actually attended school or an actual class after they hit 6′ in height and can’t read or write?

nah… I won’t say anything like that…

29 02 2008

Those are horrible. I wonder if they sign that bad in person for the fans. Could you imagine the look on a kids face when he gets on or two letters?

29 02 2008

Rajon Rondo also just uses his initials for his autos. At least Foye also adds his number.

29 02 2008

Hmmm… I would be interested to see if KG gives 110 percent in his sig, or perhaps just writes 110% Haha

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