A love for baseball never dies

It’s hard to imagine what it is like to be the twin brother of the biggest baseball star in the world. It’s even harder to imagine what it’s like trying to escape the tremendous shadow of Jose Canseco. Some might say Ozzie Canseco’s baseball career was a failure. Sure, if you are looking at nothing more than the stats, then possibly you are right. I for one think Ozzie is a warrior, who despite being a career minor leaguer, played in Japan, in independent leagues, and semi-pro leagues—never gave up, never called it quits, never stopped loving the game of baseball.

When I read this afternoon on Wikipedia of all places, that Ozzie Canseco was playing in a softball league in South Florida, I knew I had to do whatever it took to go and show my support. I had a sick son at home, and a Mustang with a flat tire, and a wife extremely sick, but I risked it (son went with grandma) and got one hell of a meeting thanks to it. For the record, immediately after our meeting, Ozzie hit a towering home run to center field, all while the Infamous Tatiana cheered on. We could only stay 6 innings but we got to see Ozzie homer, hit a single, and yes, even make two errors at third base—not to mention meet him and get two cards signed. One autograph is for my collection and the other is for Bryan, the Canseco King, who a few weeks ago sent hundreds of Jose Canseco cards out of the blue.

Below are some of the photos we took. There is a short interview/video coming in a few hours. Ozzie’s autograph may look sloppy but I believe it had something to do with the temperature that got as low as 54 degrees that evening.

we took a chance and it paid off

it was freezing and Tatiana had a cold

who’s that man on the mound?

yeah, you know who it is!

batting practice before the game

more batting practice

he still has those Canseco Guns (and the mullet)

he was awesome and even signed two cards for us (video coming soon)

the first one is for me, the second one is for Bryan, the Canseco King


  1. That is so F-n cool!!!!!!!!!
    Our first Wax Heaven celebrity sighting.
    Thanks for the card man–My first Ozzie Canseco auto!!

  2. The temp got as LOW as 54? That is the high I have been waiting on up here in Salt Lake all winter. Man I miss the heat and humidity of the Gulf Coast.

  3. That’s awesome man, but I gotta agree with Joe…54 is FAR from low temps! Right now, it’s far from HIGH temps around here! LOL

  4. BRAVO..What a nice find! Im glad you guys were able to go out and have a good time..54 has never felt so cold.. Im a few miles north of you guys in Jupiter and we are very cold..

  5. Very cool story and meeting. Awesome autographs too! They don’t look that bad. I wish it was 54 degrees in Chicago right now.

  6. that is freakin’ sweet! Congrats guys. What a great opportunity.

    (oh, and my wife says you two can come stay at our house in Calgary. Then you can understand what cold really is. Hey! Then we can go see the Calgary Vipers…)

  7. I met & sat down and talked with Ozzie back when he was with the Madison Muskies (same Midwest League Class A ballclub Jose played with) in Madison, WI.

    I was at the mall by myself and spotted him. And since I went to a lot of his games, I decided to stop and talk with him. He was a gracious as you’d ever hope for from a pro ball player of any level.

    I remember intentionally NOT bringing up his brother, and just asking a couple questions about him. I figured just about everyone talked to him about Jose, so I thought he’d appreciate that. Surely he did.

    I can’t imagine having 90% (more?) of any given interview, talks with fan, other ballplayers, etc. go directly to questions about your sibling.

  8. I love how cold your wife looks in 54 degree weather. It was 14 here in southern Ontario yesterday. I guess you Floridians would turn into icicles if you traveled north of the border.

  9. It was below 54 degrees. Perhaps 48. It is nothing compared to what you folks up north are going through. I should know, I am originally from Chicago. Hell, the WINDY CITY!

    The only reason I was freezing is because I think I had a fever. šŸ˜¦
    The sacrifices I make for the ones I love!

  10. You guys, 54 is not so bad…I agree. In 1992 for three days it dropped all the way to 45. Those were the worst days of my life. I even remember purchasing a jacket that year. šŸ˜¦

    In all seriousness…..Tatiana looks that cold when it’s 70 degrees. She’s a wuss.

  11. How amazing. Talk about never giving up the dream. But 54 it was 12 here in Ohio yesterday. With a possible high of 20 without wind chill. It better be warmer when i see the Reds play next week.

  12. Another point here: Ozzie penned a nice sig on those cards. You can actually read his name which is amazing these days. Not just a quick scribble to be rid of you guys.

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