The Curse of the Baseball Brother

If I sat here and named each and everyone of the over 350 cases of brothers who have played Major League baseball, I think I would probably develop Carpal tunnel syndrome by the time I’d reach Jody & Carney Lansford. One thing that amazes me now that the list is in front of me is also something I already knew back in 1990 when a certain twin brother of a Cuban superstar was trying to make a name for himself.

Ozzie Canseco played over a decade in the minors, at times showing much potential and other times looking just plain confused. In the end, he played a total of 24 games at the top level from ’90-’93 and had a career batting average 1 point above the ‘Mendoza Line’, despite being a monster slugger in the minors. Was Ozzie just a victim of extremely high expectations from a period when his brother was the best player in baseball? Unfortunately, Ozzie isn’t alone.

Hank Aaron had Tommy, George Brett had Ken, Jose Canseco had Ozzie, Joe DiMaggio had Dom & Vince, Jason Giambi had Jeremy, Barry Larking had Steve, Greg Maddux had Mike, Pedro Martinez had Ramon, Eddie Murray had Rich, Cal Ripken Jr. had Billy, and Robin Yount had Larry. Those are just a short few out of the entire list of over 350. After doing some research, I could only find one single combination of brothers who made the Hall of Fame. One brother weighed just 150 lbs. and ended his career with 2,459 hits and a .316 lifetime average. The other? Well, he only had 3,152 hits and a .333 lifetime average.

Can you guess who the brothers are without cheating?



  1. I have read on more than one newspaper site that Little Poison was let in by the Vet Committee because some of the members confused him with his older brother. They wondered why he was on the ballot and put him in. Reading the papers of the day he was good but not quite Hall Worthy.

  2. Ken Griffey, Jr., had a brother Craig who played in the Mariners system also. They were featured on a baseball card with Sr. in 1990, but can’t remember the brand.

  3. Re : Ken Brett . He was a mediocre pitcher , but almost as good a hitter as George . He should have gone the Rick Ankiel route . Even saw him ph for a position player once.

  4. He made it in (along with many others) when one of his buddies from The Gas House Gang got on the veterans committee. His name escapes me at the moment.

  5. It was Frankie Frisch who put his cronies in. Oh and by the George and Harry Wright are brothers in the Hall.

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