No Dignity Necessary

Yes, I know it’s done in fun but this is not ‘BASEketball‘. Some of us are already deeply annoyed by the obnoxious and very loud Marlins Mermaids, now we have to watch as some poor, deluded 400-lbs. “men” go onto the baseball field and dance in skimpy outfits? I guess whatever works to get the worst baseball town in America to come out to a few extra games, right?

Also, there is this new stadium “deal” that was finally worked out last week. Unfortunately, it came one winter too late as we lost out on the two faces of the franchise, and thousands of fed-up, jaded fans. Now the team is moving out to the deepest part of Miami and everyone up North is complaining. Well, I live in South Broward and on any given day it takes me no less than 30 minutes to drive to the stadium. From what it sounds like, I am going to have to add another 20-25 minutes to my drive just to see my team lose. Oh, did I forget to mention that we will soon have to call them the Miami Marlins? Ouch.

I guess it could be worse. We could be the Tampa Bay Rays. Hell, if I see this guy just once during games I attend this season, I think I will pack my things and move up North to Tampa. I will even risk dying of Cancer from the Tampa smog if it means not seeing these horrible Marlins Manatees.



  1. I wonder if this gathering of Manatee losers where taught how to “dance” like women by Big Gay Al?
    Doesn’t the ownership realize that hiring fat male dancers, trading away your best players, renaming the team and building a new stadium will not put fans in the seats????
    A winning team does that-well maybe not the Marlins, but you know what mean.
    It seems like these guys are trying to drive fans away, like a giant, expensive experiment in corporate failure.

  2. I wouldn’t worry about seeing them.. they’ll probably be collecting their pay at the concession stands all game long.. beer and hot dogs!! dance once and be so winded they will need oxygen tanks in the dugout.. but will be funny to see them interact with the Philly Fanatic!!!

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