Barry is on the road to nowhere

It’s shocking to me that an organization that for so many years has supported cheaters, liars, and sometimes, criminals—absolutely wants nothing to do with the all-time Home Run King, Barry Bonds. Do you think the Yankess would of disposed of Babe Ruth after his 60 home runs in 1927? Or how about Atlanta after “Hammerin’ Hank” crushed # 715? Of course not. Well, there is a man who not only holds the all-time home run crown, but also the single-season home run record who cannot get a job to save his big-headed life.

Of course, this has to do with his subpoena and being mentioned in the Mitchell Report, but you also have to think this might have something to do with the fact that throughout his career, Barry Bonds has been an arrogant jerk and the epitome of the baseball “bad guy”. I mean, think about it—Albert Belle still had a job after trying to run down some nasty trick o’ treaters. Jose Canseco still had a job after domestic abuse against wife #1 & wife #2. Josh Hamilton has been the Britney Spears of baseball throughout his career and still is loved by many fans. It’s not a color thing, it’s not a cheating thing (look at how beloved Giambi is), it’s a personality thing.

I for one hope Barry ends up playing his last years in Japan, where he will be looked at his a superhero-type ball player. The thing is, no matter how worshiped he will be over there—to us, he will always be a miserable human being who stole the record from a true living legend, Henry Aaron.



  1. Um… actually Atlanta traded Hank back to Milwaukee the off season after he hit #715. Babe Ruth also got dumped by the Yankees when he got too old and fat and he finished his career with the ’35 Braves which was one of the worst teams of all time. The big difference is those two franchises embraced their former star (and milked them for all the good will they could get) after the playing days were over. I’m not sure San Francisco is quite ready to do that.

    I would LOVE to see Barry in Japan though. It would be like Godzilla, Gamera, Mothra and about 14 other guys in monster suits all tearing up the joint all at the same time. He’d destroy their single season home run record. Hell, he might demolish Sadaharu Oh’s career record at the same time!

  2. Nope, he hit #715 in 1974 and was playing for the Brewers in 1975. It kind of worked out for him because he got to go back to the city where he won a championship and prolong his career a couple of years by DHing.

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