A call to support baseball card blogs!

In less than five months of exsistence, WaxHeaven.com has received over 60,000+ unique page views, 1,300+ comments, and feedback from players and celebrities (relative to the hobby, of course). In that time I have written almost 400 blogs, from product reviews, to video box breaks, and the extremely popular ‘Heavenly Collections’. The first-ever Wax Heaven baseball card will go to printing in three days, and the WaxHeaven.com book is not too far behind.
I started Wax Heaven for one reason only; because I love collecting. I have done it for the better part of my twenty-seven years. I do not want money, that is why there are no Google or eBay ads anywhere on this page. What I want is discounts on wax so I can continue to do the video box breaks and product reviews. In return, you will get a plug not just in the video, but your banner will be on the front page of Wax Heaven, a page visited over 1,000 times per day every 24 hours.
This is not a call to the readers of Wax Heaven. You guys are the reason I update at such a frantic rate. I want to provide the most up to date news, reviews, previews, and commentary on our beloved hobby. This is a call to those big corporations that us collectors have supported for years and even decades. Why not put your stamp on something new, fresh, and innovative? This is not a fluke. There are over 50 baseball card blogs as of February 2008. It’s realistic that there could be 100 by August. Why not do your part to support blogging and let collectors know that you do care about more than just profits?
My e-mail is WaxHeaven@Gmail.com. You can reach me 24-hours a day.

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