Two former sluggers, two really big men

While scouring the Net for news stories, I ran across the most horrible image my virgin eyes could ever lay eyes on, a photo of Barry Bonds in a speedo. While reading the news story (with a giant photo of the Bonds speedo), the Infamous Tatiana woke up and thought I was staring deeply into Bonds’, well…you know what. I assured her I wasn’t but she doesn’t believe me. So to clear up this mess, I Photoshopped the photo into Bonds’ ’86 Topps rookie. Now it’s okay to look at, right?

I also did a search on Jose Canseco to see what my old friend was up to this week. As it turns out, there might be a photo of Roger Clemens from this infamous party Jose threw in 1998. When that photo shows up, consider Roger Clemens a cooked goose. Notice I said when, not if.

Also, Jose’s chances of making a Juan Gonzalez-type comeback are 0% so he has been doing some advertising to pay the bills, since Jim Rome refused to pay him for an interview last year. Check out this ad and the slogan, “What’s Canseco On Now?” Also, check out the big muscles next to him. Ever notice how these absolutely monster body-builders always have one weird defect? This guy has those Dumbo ears. Don’t get me wrong, he could snap my neck in two but it was just an observation. You can see the full ad HERE.



  1. The Clemens Picture story made in all the way to sportscenter. They called the source of the picture reliable.

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