Free Card Friday!

I came home to find a mysterious package in the mail from Reading, PA. When I opened the package I found a small box of cards filled with ’08 Topps cards of the Florida Marlins & Chicago White Sox, plus some stars & a Jose Canseco thrown in for “good measure”. Thanks Jesse, you will be receiving a small lot of Ryan Howard, including an ’07 Finest Refractor as a thank you, as well as a note personally written by the Infamous Tatiana. Below is a scan of some of the cards sent by Jesse.

To those who will be expecting packages from me, I ask for patience. Mike from Bad Wax has a boatload of Topps ’52 that he needs for a set coming his way and Kenneth from VA has a few extra cards being mailed out to him from a previous trade in which I forgot to include in my two packages. My apologies to Kenneth for that mix-up. You will get your package out this weekend.  The reason I have been so swamped is because work has been a headache and a restaurant has hired me to create their website, plus the three days I wasted trying to create ‘Heavenly Vixen’ series one didn’t help either. Things should be back to normal very soon. Thanks for everyone’s patience and keep checking daily for your baseball cards & commentary needs!


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