Custom Made Cards will be huge!

While trying to design a better-looking card for the ‘Heavenly Vixen’ debut this weekend I kind of hit a roadblock. While I do fancy myself a decent photographer, image manipulation is not my expertise. I made a good four or five different cards, that while would have been acceptable, did absolutely nothing for me. I began to scour the Internet two days ago for templates, hints, ideas and that is when I stumbled upon Custom Made Cards, a website dedicated to making custom baseball cards that can be printed out for FREE to get signed in person. So while Topps and Upper Deck keep slacking with their releases, there is someone out there that is doing a wonderful job designing beautiful cards that you can download and print out from your computer. He can even print them out for you, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Greg, the site’s creator will be uploading new samples and cards for free and custom request for $5 dollars. He is offering an amazing service that I believe is going to grow immensely over the next few months. I am glad to be on the ground floor of this thing, at least in the baseball card blog community. Please check out his website and if you believe in his vision, spread the word. I have never plugged anything since creating Wax Heaven and wouldn’t dare unless I felt it was 100% worth it.

Greg is already signed on for ‘Heavenly Vixen II coming in March.

Check out Custom Made Cards HERE!



  1. I have seen his work over at He does good work. You need to go to and check out the custom card link. There are a lot of guys doing some awesome stuff over there. You need to have Tatiana in an Allens & Ginter style card. Now that would look great. There are a couple of guys doing those over there and they are awesome looking.

  2. That would be awesome if all of us player collectors could get ourselves a dual signed 1/1 card with our auto and our favorite player’s auto on the same card!
    How many of these cards will be hitting Ebay in the near future?

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