The Tampa Bay Rays have a dream…

…and it involves this monstrosity of a stadium.

Here is my question; how in the hell will they afford a $450 million dollar waterfront stadium? If by some miracle this thing gets approved, it can be ready as early as 2012. Is it just me or is there absolutely zero parking anywhere near that artist rendering? I guess when you live in Tampa and your team is worse than the Florida Marlins, parking is not really an issue.

On a somewhat related note, the voting for the Florida Marlins new stadium will be held today. So we will finally know if we will be able to keep Hanley Ramirez in 2010 by the time he is a full-fledged superstar. Too bad the new stadium proposal has them in the deepest, scariest part of South Miami otherwise I’d actually be excited.



  1. Man that looks like they are planning to re-use part of the Olympic stadium from Montreal and we all know how well that Stadium worked out.

    Also help me out here, do you have hurricanes in Tampa? Wouldn’t want to be anywhere near that stadium if a big storm hits…..

  2. no need for parking just bring the ol’ boat up to the park. plus all the cubans can float their rafts to the game.

  3. If you really want to see some crazy looking stadiums, check out any of the ones that are being built for the 2010 world cup in South Africa. Those are insane

  4. My first impression was a soccer field in New Zealand or something. My second impression was WTF. My third impression is don’t do it.

    I was wrong, Tropicana Field could be worse.

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