The stigma of the “oddball”

Imagine going your entire life labeled an “oddball”. Everything about you is the same as the rest, from the way you walk, to the way you talk, yet you never receive the credit you deserve. You always get passed up on promotions at your job, and you have to settle for an ordinary life, an ordinary wife, and less than ordinary kids. That my friends, is the stigma of being defined as an “oddball” and in baseball cards it’s the worst possible label to burden.

I remember being a 10 year-old collector with a shoe box full of “oddballs” and not being able to do a damn thing with them. I wanted the ’89 Upper Deck Jose Canseco so much but try trading for that in 1989 when all you have to offer is a 1987 M & M Cal Ripken Jr., an ’87 Topps Mini Darryl Strawberry, and an ’88 K-Mart Memorable Moments George Brett. It was tough out there for a young collector in the 80’s. I can’t remember how many times I was laughed out of someone’s house when I would pull out my collection and attempt to make a trade with someone a little older or with more resources, AKA richer parents.

So here is a tribute to the “oddball”, a brand with little respect in Beckett Baseball, but lots of love from us true collectors that could care less about the 1/1 Gold Refractor, Game-Used patch parallel!

What is your #1 “oddball” set? In the coming week Wax Heaven and Cardboard Junkie will compile the top 5 “oddball” sets of all time. You can e-mail me at or leave a comment to vote for what your favorite “oddball” set of all-time is. All votes will be considered and the results will be posted first thing Monday morning. Don’t miss out on voting! You have 5 full days.

5 thoughts on “The stigma of the “oddball”

  1. My first 10 votes go to 1982 K-Mart. The one that started it all. The Granddaddy of Boxed sets. I spent way too much money for a kid on getting these “collectible” cards when they came out. 2 or 3 boxes at a time.

  2. Any set that has the team logo and name airbrushed out is a classic. K-Mart, Post, and a few others running around.

  3. Well I have a Gary Carter card that is from Ralston-Purina. Does that count for a vote?

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