I am shocked that even with close to 1,000 posts under my belt at the Beckett Media Message Boards, I still have to walk on eggshells when I post because of some of their members who live for no other reason than to ruin people’s fun and/or start flame wars in each and every topic. So while I chose to slowly walk away from B.M.B., I quickly joined another one thanks to a recommendation from a reader of Wax Heaven. What I have found so far at The Bench are people who not only love this great hobby, but are also nice, sensible human beings, something that is rare on Internet message boards.

Keeping with the theme of caring, The Bench has set a goal to collect the entire set of Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy. Yes, every single one of the 7,500 cards! Once that set is complete, they plan on throwing it up on eBay and will send the proceeds to ‘The V Foundation Cancer Research‘. That is one hell of a goal and having joined The Bench this morning, you can be sure that I will help out any time I pull one of the cards.

How can you help? Register for a FREE account with The Bench and send in your Yankees Stadium Legacy cards, add them to your MySpace, and check out the official website.