If a sports collectibles magazine…

…changes its name and no one is around to read it, does it matter?

Everyone’s favorite red-headed stepchild of the sports card world, Tuff Stuff, has cleverly changed its name right around the same time Beckett Media comes out with its all-sport monthly magazine. Hey, they even went with a New York Yankee on the cover, too. Perhaps they were hoping to trick some of Beckett’s loyal army of readers into purchasing the new Tuff Stuff?

I told myself three issues ago that I was done with Beckett Media but found myself with a copy of their second Yankees cover in a row last weekend. I don’t know why, maybe I’m just an optimist. When I get both new issues, I will do a feature by feature report and review. Instead of looking down at Tuff Stuff, I will give it a fair chance for once. I am hoping for the best but much like Beckett, I feel a letdown coming.

scan provided by Bill from Ohio Collectibles



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