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Wax Heaven is thankful for the opportunity to interview Paul Gierhart, a die hard baseball fan, card collector, and sports photographer who has had his work featured in products like Just Minors, TriStar, and even Donruss! Along with Cameron Maybin and Jay Bruce, two extremely hot prospects, Paul has photographed many of today’s fresh crop of young talent and has been featured on Major League Baseball’s official website.

So if you are a fan of great photography or want to know another professional’s opinion on breaking into the world of sports photography, or you simply have a random question for Paul, this is the place to submit it. Please include your name and where you are from when submitting a question.

The interview will take place this weekend so submit as many questions as you like. The deadline is Friday. As an extra bonus, TriStar has allowed Wax Heaven to exclusively show off some of Paul’s best work and it will be included in his interview.

Thanks to Steve G. for the scan!



  1. He posts over on He has some awesome pictures. In fact, looking at a lot of his stuff and others like him has me saving up for a digital slr camera so that I can get into photography and start getting them autographed instead of cards.

  2. I have several questions:

    1. Why is it so tough to get players in their new uniforms since every player gets a press conference.

    2. Why do card companies not use profile shots and have almost exclusivly gone to action shots?

    3. How many players are photographed in a given year?

    4. What percentage of photos used for players are from previous years?

    5. Why do some players only have one photo, which is used by both Topps and Upper Deck?

    6. Who is the friendliest subject you have ever had?

    7. Who was the worst subject you ever had?

    If I think up some more, I’ll get back here to let you know.

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