How to upset your significant other

If you’re like me, you absolutely adored Beckett and Tuff Stuff as a young collector, before the days of parallel madness and the game-used flood that we have today. You know, when they actually were entertaining, and for sports card collectors, extremely riveting. Well, if you have about $40 to spare and a whole lot of extra space, check out this auction for classic Beckett and Tuff Stuff magazines. I have spotted no less than four different issues with Jose Canseco gracing the cover.

I’d buy it myself if I could afford the massive space it would use up. I am already running out of places for my current issues of Beckett. Currently I have them under the counter of my bathroom sink. You never know when you will run out of……nevermind.



  1. And I thought I was the only one who kept old issues of Beckett in the bathroom. Hey, it’s great reading material!

  2. I just got rid of a bunch of old Becketts a few years ago because I was tired of moving them. I kept the ones that I liked the most, but now have no idea where they are. I’m sure they’ll turn up somewhere though.

  3. Wow, and here I thought I was the only one who kept Beckett’s in the bathroom. I guess it’s not an original idea.

    I remember owning most of those magazines when I was younger. I’ll stick to cards for the nostalgia trip.

  4. I remember thinking Tuff Stuff was the coolest thing because it listed prices for all the sports cards. Classic. But Beckett was always the best.

    Here’s another tip if you want to embarrass your wife. Next time you are going with her somewhere where there are reading materials – doctor, dentist, a neighbor’s house – bring along a couple of those as a “gift” for people to improve their reading stack. That will go over REAL well.

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