Lazy photography

This weekend was extremely busy one for me to say the least. One of the last things on my plate was organizing my baseball card collection, including the commons. Towards the end I began a new box for 2008 product and went through a giant stack of ’08 Topps. The only good thing I can say about that product is how great the card backs are. The short blurbs and clean design remind me of those early 90’s Topps backs.

The one card that caught my attention was Jimmy Rollins’ base card. The man hit 30 home runs, stole 41 bases, hit 38 doubles, and hustled for 20 triples and this is the best they can do for last year’s M.V.P winner? Couldn’t they have used a picture of him getting one of his 212 hits from ’07? Anything would have been better than this. If Topps spent less time Photoshoppin’ Mafia-friendly failed presidential candidates and 15 year-old little leaguers on their cards and would put more effort on making great baseball cards, stuff like this would never hit collectors like me ever again.



  1. That is a terrible picture of the MVP. It doesn’t help that the ceiling is falling on on him due to the weight of the logo.

  2. Amen on the logo. That is my biggest gripe with this set. A cool photo of Rollins going deep in the hole or great swing would have been more fitting.

  3. They should try to capture the spirit of the player on these cards, Rollins definitely deserves an action shot.
    I think Topps is trying to reach out to the kids with this set, a simple design, child-like gimmicks, the red, white, and blue color scheme, little descriptions about the player and cheap packs.
    The card companies are becoming a bit like the tobacco companies, trying to draw in children again with cartoon characters and poor photo shop schemes,so by the time they are our age they will be hooked on the hobby and buying cards to try to recoupe the money they have lost buying retail packs or searched packs from the hobby store.
    Basically the 2008 Topps product is junk, and will be the next in a long line of mass produced, worthless Topps sets, that by the next time a 2008 baseball product hits the market, will only survive in commons boxes that will soon flood the market.

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