Won’t get fooled again!

Okay, I am now officially a “Mustang Man” after coming home last night with a 1998 Midnight-Blue Mustang GT. It needs a little cosmetic work but the car is a beauty, at least to me. I had a little money left over so I went to my local card shop and filled up on some supplies (Ultra Pro pages, Top Loaders) and foolishly picked up 8 packs of ’08 Topps. Two days prior I busted 5 retail packs and almost fell asleep midway through pack 3. Afterwards, on the way to get car insurance I walked into a local Target and spent the last $100 to my name on some Retail Wax and a couple of gifts for the Infamous Tatiana. What a mistake that was!

That’s right, I am an idiot. Why else would I buy all that Retail junk? Why didn’t I just give away my money instead? That’s  2 blasters of ’07 Fleer Ultra, 3 of those weird packs with one good card and junk for the rest, and countless packs of ’07 product, with a few more ’08 Topps to boot.

You know you’re in trouble when the first box contains a huge pack of ’89 Topps. Some of these cards are the first baseball cards I ever owned but it’s 2008 and I don’t get much thrill in opening this stuff today. That doesn’t mean I don’t love collecting, I think it means I need a higher-end product to meet my needs at the moment.

I did get my fair share of Ichiro pulls, which is always expected when I bust wax. Shit, why can’t I pull just one autograph and get the thing sold on eBay? Instead, it’s another two base to add to my growing list of Ichiro cards. There was also some random ’80’s-’90’s cards thrown in for some reason.

Let’s not forget the two packs of Baseball Enquirer thrown in, which was fun but seemed to be somewhat anti-baseball. Am I missing the joke here? That being said, I pulled the Canseco from the set that was sent over in a trade a few weeks ago.

I have always, since its debut been a fan of Fleer Ultra. It was unfortunate that when I returned to the hobby in late ’07 that Hobby boxes were hard to come by otherwise I would have surely cracked a box. These two blaster boxes left a lot to be desired but also showed a glimpse of beauty that I missed out on. Oh yeah, I got another Ichiro.

Now to the most disappointing product of them all; 2008 Topps. If you are keeping track (and you should be!), I have busted a total of 7 retail packs and 8 hobby. I am not pleased. I’d love to get a big sponsor and be as PC as other bloggers are but I cannot. This product bores me to tears. There I said it. Hey, at least I got another two Ichiro Suzuki cards!

My final verdict? No more loose packs, retail or hobby. From this point on I am not straying from Hobby. I won’t lie and tell you that I am not a memorabilia whore. I love those cards, along with autographs. From all the wax busted, my two best cards was a game-used bat from a semi-star and a future ace I pulled out of the display case. Does that make me a bad guy?



  1. Congrats on the Mustang purchase.. funny how a fellow Canseco collector also now owns a Mustang. I know you’ve seen my Orange 04GT on my myspace page… My passion for Mustangs and drag racing is a good part of what pulled me away from my Canseco collection all these years. I have owned 6 of them over the last 12 years with my current one being the sickest to date…. Looks and speed is a hell of a combo!

  2. Thanks, man. It’s not as nice as yours but it will do.

    I got your PM on Beckett. I’m working on a doubles list. Thanks to Bryan I now have about 1,300!!! 🙂

  3. I don’t think it makes you a bad person, just a specific collector. It appears that you buy packs for the big hits that you usually trade for Canseco, Miller, and Jeter. Why not just buy these cards?

    What do you do with all the cards you don’t like, the regular guys that you don’t trade? You must have loads of players like Oswalt, Mauer, Maddux, etc.

  4. I’ll cut into your doubles just a little if I have a few you need… have you checked out my small list of doubles on my freeweb?

  5. Wow man, that’s a plethora of cards. Never hear of those baseball enquirer cards. When did they come out? Is that Will Clark I spot on the top row, far right?

  6. Yup, Will Clark it is!

    Mmosley, I keep all stars, semi-stars, and minor stars in a box all in penny sleeves and top loaders. They come in handy for trades to put together a “lot” of a specific player.

    Joe Mauer, I have tons of him. Oswalt and Maddux somehow ended up in my commons box, though. Don’t know why. 🙂

  7. I know you’ll love the Mustang! I had a 1997, with the same awesome blue color, for over 10 years. I just recently sold it at the end of last year, as an expansion in our family resulted in the need for 4-doors. It was a great car, and never let me down.

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