Introducing “Heavenly Vixen”

Due to a surprising number of request, I have decided to go full steam into the world of baseball cards by officially producing an extremely rare set of Wax Heaven baseball cards featuring none other than the Infamous Tatiana! The original card was a 1/1 signed card that went to Jeff from On-Base Autos. Shortly after that we printed exactly 5 cards and took them to the Florida Fan Fest. Three of those cards were given away that day, including one to a future superstar named Andrew Miller.

The first official ‘Heavenly Vixen’ print run will be 20, all hand-numbered and will feature the familiar photo seen in the prototypes but this time on a thicker paper stock. Additionally, 5 of those cards will be signed by the Infamous Tatiana. The official release for the set is Saturday, March 1st. These cards are absolutely FREE. You don’t need to send free cards or anything. You may however make a request through but there is no guarantee on the outcome of the request. At least five of these cards are already reserved for friends of which leaves only 15 cards. Keep in mind that we are going to a Yankees spring training game in late March and Tatiana will do whatever she can to get one in the hands of Derek Jeter, Joba Chamberlain, and maybe even Phil Hughes.

In mid-March there will be a new photo shoot taking place for the next Heavenly Vixen release due in April. Print run will be anywhere from 20-50 cards, depending on the success of series 1. Stay tuned!



  1. First time posting to Wax Heaven but I do check the sight daily. Here is my request for a Heavenly Vixen series 1 card. My input would be for a Tribe Jersey. Good Luck to all. Thanks Mario for the great sight.

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