Heavenly Collections – Frank Thomas

By 1997, The “Big Hurt” Frank Thomas had become a Chi-Town legend at Comiskey Park. At just 29 years old Thomas had won two M.V.P awards, hit 30+ home runs six times, including three seasons with 40 or more, and driven in 100 R.B.I in seven straight seasons. You can’t blame Chad for becoming a super collector, being a White Sox fan and all. Over the years Chad has put together an amazing collection that is closing in on 2,000 different Frank Thomas cards and a total of 28% of all cards ever made of the Big Hurt. Out of those 28%, 77 of them are autographs, 120 game-used, and 60 patches. In total, counting doubles, Chad has approximately 4,000 Frank Thomas baseball cards!

Below are a few of his favorite cards. You can find more on his personal website, including cards for trade/sale. If you think you have a Big Hurt he could use, shoot him a message sometime at the Beckett Message boards. He goes by the name “cobra29svt”.



  1. I have 50 or 60 Thomas cards I will have to go through. Might have something he needs. I just love looking at all the patch and bat cards. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the comments guys. Looking forward to adding more cards to my collection. As player collectors we can closely relate to how much work it truely is building these collections. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help any of you. -Chad

  3. very nice man. when mac was hurt in 93 and 94 i started collecting the big hurt big time. i remember in 92′ i picked up the 90′ leaf , that was a big deal back then. I got the 93′ leaf auto. I love that one. awsome collection. I can say that if they do produce ” A piece of History 500 Club auto” i will definately try to snag one. Always been a fan of the big hurt. Keep it up!

  4. I think the “Big Hurt” was right up there with Griffey in my trade for column when i was a kid. This is one of the most likeable people in baseball now and then.

  5. Thanks Don,
    ’92 was around the time I picked up my 1st ’90 Leaf too. I convinced my dad to buy it for my b-day (paid $85 back then). Let me know if you ever wanna get rid of that ’93 Leaf auto. They did make a Piece of History 500 Club bat card this year but its not an auto. Still sells for too much though.

    Thanks for the comments Jason.

  6. Nice collection. I have about 2500 Big Hurt cards, but I have no idea how many are different. I have nowhere near as many autos and gu’s though.

  7. Really nice collection. It’s admirable to see someone chasing after a player that has such a large volume of cards issued!

  8. If you’d like , I have
    2007 UD Exquisite Sinature Materials Rookie Signatures Quad GU Jersey “1990” Autograph 13/85

    I can sell for $65

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