Heavenly Collections – Mark McGwire

16 02 2008

There was a time when I was a less-cynical, very wide-eyed baseball fan myself. I would support every single player and look up to each and one of them for their amazing skills and job I wished that I could have. For me, all that came to an end one fateful day in 2002 when the player I loved as a kid and looked up to as a teenager came out and admitted to being a cheater. It shook my world and forever changed how I looked at these men. Today, after years of not watching a single game or buying baseball cards, I have returned but in my words you can still pick up on the hurt that I still feel from that day in 2002.

It’s hard to look deeper than Steroids, HGH, and cheating. Sometimes we forget that behind the bulging muscles and towering home runs there is a man, perhaps even a humble, kind one. That is why today I am grateful for Don, who has restored a little bit of the faith I lost years back with his story and collection on former home run legend, Mark McGwire.

In case you are wondering, that there is a picture of Don as a 6 year-old kid with 26 year-old Mark McGwire in 1989. Don’s first ever pack of baseball cards contained a Big Mac and from there his collection grew. While he loves baseball cards, his collection thrives off the autographs. Currently, Don has over 300 Mark McGwire baseball cards but close to 200 autographs, including 8 baseballs, 3 bats (2 game-used/cracked), 2 jerseys, 2 hats, a pair of batting gloves, and much more.

If that weren’t enough, Don owns pretty much the greatest Big Mac cards, including perhaps the most coveted of them all; the 2002 Upper Deck ‘A Piece of History’ auto as well as another one he had autographed himself. Below are scans of some of the cards that Don is lucky enough to own.

In case you are wondering, yes, that is Don with Big Mac himself. As unbelievable as the picture is, so is the fact that Big Mac remembered meeting him in 1989 after all those years! You can view Don’s collection by clicking on any of the links below.

Autographed Memorabilia In Person Autographs Upper Deck Autographs




9 responses

16 02 2008

Great collection!!!! I love those /6 cards, those things I am sure you paid the price for.
I have always wanted to see a great McGwire collection.
Now with your McGwire collection and my Canseco collection on this site, the glory days of the Bash Brothers is alive again for people to see.
Forget steroids-there was a time when we loved these guys for just being good ball players and that is what these collections represent.
Wax Heaven has resurrected the Bash Brothers!!!!!

16 02 2008

Awesome collection!

Don’t let Don see your video of the card burning.

16 02 2008

Thanks alot man. And Yes the bash Brothers cards are represented well on this site! I LOVE THIS HOBBY!!

16 02 2008

Those short print and Buyback cards are awesome.
The past and present shots of you and Big Mac are cool too.
I have a slideshow with music of my Canseco collection on this site, you should check it out, I have the 1988 Topps Cloth Canseco/McGwire in there.
Have you noticed that there isn’t one single dual game used or autograph cards with Canseco and McGwire??? That just seems like a given that they would have at least one card like that together. Weird.

17 02 2008

Great cards. Cool to see all these awesome collections in pictures and not just stuffed away in a box for no-one to see. Keep it up!

17 02 2008

To whatthehellme ,

I saw your video. For me I’m lucky Mac’s UD signed card contract was for only 2 years. Because I could only imagine your task of gettin Canseco’s auto’s every year. The DVD was amazing. Have you met him in person yet?

17 02 2008

No, I have never met him but I am workin my ass off to do so-I have been in contact with his personal bodyguard for the last few months and he is going to put a copy of my DVD in Jose’s hands on March 8th (hopefully) and with the insane coverage I have gotten between Beckett and Wax Heaven, I feel like I am inching closer to finally meeting my baseball idol..
And as far as the cards go, the Canseco “circle” of Ebayers is VERY competitive and I have had to fight to get some of those rare cards, but man, it has been worth it.

18 02 2008

Great collection! I always liked McGwire. Had a ’96 Ultra Thunderclap Gold Med (pack pulled in ’96) but I cant find it to save my life!

6 07 2008

cool stuff indeed…..Im a huge fan myslef…..game used autographed batting glove…….auto athletics hat….auto first beckett….auto olympic ball…..auto bat…..personaly autographed in lake tahoe cards mesh bp jersey (to john Mark Mcgwire)…….many other items…..my favorite though is my Dual autographed Bash Brothers poster, has two HUGE signatures from both Mac and Canseco back in the days when they did shows down in Anaheim….. I dont collect anymore of macs stuff, just enjoy what I have…..anyway Very nice stuff !

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