Donruss supports pack searching?

Donruss sponsors and his video box breaks, which I occasionally run into at YouTube here and there. The guy looks like a greasy, sleezeball who would beat up little kids to go through the first batch of cards at Target. Well, someone outed him as a former pack searcher and posted a video Karl doesn’t want anyone to see. Topps, Upper Deck, & Donruss….quit wasting your time and efforts on guys like this and sponsor Wax Heaven, the #1 baseball card blog ever!



  1. That guy is a total douche bag–I would love to run into him and knock the smugness right out of him.
    Pack searching is so irritating and pack searchers are even more irritating-this guy is a perfect example.
    It looks like he just walked out of a time machine from the 80s.

  2. thank you for this public service message. he’s so awful it almost makes me wonder if this is a parody or something. eww.

  3. I don’t really care about retail pack searching as the manufacturers and store both support it. If they really wanted to end it, they need to do stuff like Upper Deck is doing this year like putting one relic per blaster and offering fat packs with no relics for set collectors.

    It’s the goddamn searching at HOBBY shops that pisses me off. I finally found a store that was selling jumbo packs of ’08 Topps and when I got it home I looked at the top and it was partially opened! I don’t know if it was the owner or a customer who did it but damn, I expect better when I pay a premium for freaking hobby packs.

  4. All pack searching is bad and it trickles down from the sleazeball hobby shops who do it, to the individuals who raid the retail packs.

    Single, blister packs will be the way to go, especially for product with ‘hits.’

  5. Hi guys 🙂
    I made this video because I was tired of seeing Karl get free product from Donruss. Donruss has sent him more product for review than any other Youtube sponsor. Retail or Hobby, pack searching is wrong. I wouldn’t say Donruss supports it because the videos used are long buried on Youtube and I doubt they have seen them. My reason for making the video was to let people know of his history and remind those who may have forgotten. I do hope that Donruss no longer sends product Karl’s way after seeing/hearing about t his.

    I just saw you had linked my video to your site so I figured I’d stop by. Hadn’t heard about you before. Like the site and it’s now bookmarked 🙂

  6. Dayf is right. Hobby store pack searching is even worse!

    I was in a shop one day buying packs and the shop owner held the box above my head before I chose my packs. It was kind of wierd but I did appreciate the effort to try to level the playing field for everybody.

  7. If you’ve ever talked to Karl, you’d know that he is not a pack searcher. He showed you guys all the boxes that he has busted and there is A LOT of them. He searches them AFTER he buys all of them and gives the rest of the cards to his nephew or neighbor for free. He doesn’t get free product from Donruss by the way, the people that enter the fishbowl do because he gives away ALL the cards.

  8. Bucknellbison. You shouldn’t be so naive to believe everything he says. He’s telling you that because he is trying to cover up for what he did. It would be better for the hobby if he would simply admit it and then tell his few viewers that it is wrong to do. Watch the video again and listen to what he says. He is clearly putting forth the idea that he searched the packs. Especially note his, “first to the boxes” comment.

    It is clear he once searched packs. It is also clear that if you take up for it you are taking up for pack searching.

    If he’s willing to search packs is he willing to lie about his giveaways?

  9. I thnk packsearching is absurd!!! I randomly picked a bunch of packs without searching and I got aauto of Garret wolfe and a patch auto of vince young. So it proves you can get good cards without packsearching.

  10. I love packsearching!!! The best thing ever to happen in the sports card hobby world. I love packsearching more than my dog!!!!

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