An apology from Mario Alejandro

I would like to send everyone a sincere apology from the bottom of my heart. In the last week I have not been able to update the site with a much fervor as you are used to. This is no new trend on my part and trust me, I have definitely not become a lazy blogger. The truth of the matter is that me losing my automobile killed a lot of plans for me and has led to a very stressful week. Today, Feb. 15th, I will cash my paycheck and income tax return and will go test drive two different used vehicles I have been looking into purchasing. If all goes well, I will drive home in one of them tonight and my problems will come to an abrupt end. If not, I will continue to keep looking for a vehicle, even if it takes me all weekend.

In the meantime, I now have two awesome ‘Heavenly Collections’ in the works, as well as the ‘Jose Canseco Timeline’, which I believe many will enjoy. I have also been doing some extensive networking to get Wax Heaven on the map, that includes talking with a former Florida Marlin about training for my 2008 baseball comeback. Another thing that has surprisingly taken off are the Wax Heaven ‘Infamous Tatiana’ baseball cards, as I have received a few request for them privately. This weekend we are going to pick up some nice paper stock and print out twenty of the original design, 15 regular, 5 personally signed by Tatiana. Also, we are going to be doing a new photo shoot for the next release, which will be next week so be on the lookout. The new prints are going to be #’d to 20 so if you have an original (Jeff, Andrew Miller), you got yourself a rare commodity!



  1. I’d like to put my name on the list for a card, will trade an insert for one. Good luck with the car issue. Just had to get mine repaired after a recent accident.


  2. I’ll start looking for Jeter, and Canseco cards in exchange for an Infamous card if that helps! Good luck with the car shopping never a fun thing to have to do!

  3. Whatever it will eventually be, one thing is for sure….no money exchanged. You might even be able to score one without sending one single card. I am going to make it interesting….. 🙂

  4. Man, you don’t have to apologize because your car got stolen! Take care of your stuff and then blog when you can. Some things are bigger than cards. This seems to be a difficult month for bloggers anyway. I’ve been getting hammered this week myself.

    The cards look slick by the way – cool idea!

  5. This is a no brainer i gotta be on the list for one. I just hope they won’t be sticker autos or some kind of UD redemtion-esque card.

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