Where do I begin?

Thanks to Bryan, the Canseco King. From out of the blue, he sent out 538 different Jose Canseco cards to my home, in binder and all. I don’t even know how to thank you (but I have an idea). First of all, if you don’t know Bryan, he goes by the name ‘whatthehellme’ at Wax Heaven but is more widely known as the “Canseco King” from having the #1 Jose Canseco collection in the world. You might have seen him in the pages of the baseball card Bible, Beckett Magazine, or through his DVD, featuring his most impressive Jose cards in his collection.

Below are just a tiny few scans of the cards he sent me. I have scanned them by era’s. The first is from Jose’s glory day’s in Oakland when he was the top player in the game. Out of all the A’s cards he sent, the 1983 Fritsch is my favorite since I have lost out on winning it in eBay auctions twice last year and is Jose’s first baseball card ever! I love the Upper Deck hologram, too.

The next set of cards comes from Jose’s days in Texas and Boston. Texas to me is a sensitive subject because it was officially the place where Jose went from superstar to laughing stock in two years to many sport fans and collectors. Of course, I still kept collecting even though I hated his Rangers and Red Sox colors. The Emotion card in the bottom scan is one of my all-time Jose cards with a Red Sox uniform but I had lost it in one of the year’s I was not collecting. Glad to see it back where it belongs.

Next comes Jose’s rejuvenation, AKA big-time Steroid years with Toronto and Tampa Bay. During these years Jose had a career-high in home runs and HR’s per at bat but by that time baseball fans were more interested in another Bash Brother. The Flair Showcase is a beauty!

Here is the finale and it ain’t pretty. Jose’s final years with the Rays, Yankees, & White Sox. The cards got a lot nicer but Jose looked tired, bloated, and ready for retirement. Sadly, at this stage Jose could still hit 35-40 home runs for any team but Bud Selig would not allow it and Jose played his last game in 2001, one season short of 500 home runs.

This now brings my Jose Canseco count to 960 different cards! I am 40 away from the immortal 1,000-count club. Bryan has also made it possible for something I had been planning for a while, ‘The Jose Canseco timeline’. It will basically be a year by year best-of from my entire Jose Canseco collection. Now that I have his first card, and his last during his playing days, the project can begin this weekend.

Thanks again, Bryan! You are one of a kind!



  1. I checked Beckett’s Canseco list. There are 2615 cards. It is crazy impressive that you are closing in on 1000. Congratulations!

    Ever considered collecting Ozzie. Only 41 cards!

  2. There is a word for a person that does something that nice. Classy! I look foward to the timeline. Has anyone heard word on if there will be a 2008 Jose cards?

  3. I am glad you found a few cards in there you needed.
    Thank you Jason for the compliment.
    Collecting shouldn’t be all about money, it should be about helping a fellow collector or collectors with common goals.
    Pay it forward.

  4. This website is a perfect example of a community of collectors that embody what collecting should be-people helping people.
    From what I have seen from the trading that has been going on here everybody has been a class act, nobody seems to think that their cards are better than anyone else’s and the bottom line of any trade hasn’t been book value, it has been personal value.

    It is a privilege to be a part of a site where all of the contributors such class acts. (Dayf, Chemgod, WhiteSoxCards, JBob, Mario………)

  5. Thanks for the kind words. I feel closer to this particular blogging community than most places. That’s weird for being in it only since November 2007.

    I set aside anything that I know someone is collecting. Sometimes I trade, sometimes I just send them out. I can’t really single out a bad experience. They’ve all been good. Plus, I’ve made friends with many new people who share one of my interests.

  6. wow. what an awesome and selfless gesture. I’ve had the fortune to receive a few “freebies” from dayf at Cardboard Junkie and david over at Indians Baseball cards, and have now sent out packages to both of them.
    This is what collecting used to be for me (back in the late 70’s and ’80’s) I’m so glad to see people returning to what it’s all about. Collecting, sharing, trading…
    well done.

  7. It seems like so many people love and remember the days of trading of trading in the 80’s and 90’s. What happened to some people? Have they forgotten thier childhood selves?

    Mr. Deeds (Adam Sandler) said it best, when slightly altered.

    “I bet if we ran into the “adult” versions of ourselves “as kids” they would kick our asses
    and put Bubble Yum in our hair for even thinking about “only caring about Beckett Values.”

  8. I ran two sportscards stores from the mid eighties to 1997. I have some unusual cards and I may have some Canseco’s that you do not have yet. I’m a trader from way back. I ran into people that collected by player and I somehow ended up with their collections. Like Sandberg for instance, I have a ton of his stuff. Lots of Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Alabama players because I’m within under an hour from each stadium.

  9. sweet deal! nice job Bryan.. he’s gaining on me now LOL.. now trade me a few of your doubles I need for a few of my doubles… funny how this site is basically the most current hangout for the few diehard Canseco collectors still out there!

    Bryan…still waiting to see scans of cards I asked you about if you have them.. the cards from the heavenly collections blog. None of them are flashy but they are the ones that are holding up my completion of 1992-95.

  10. I’ve learned more about Canseco from this webspace than from another place in life. Everyone always assumes i’m crazy. So what does that make whatthehellme?

  11. Mario,

    to make life easier for me I finally went through the task of posting my complete wantlist on my collection page.. please check it out and let me know what you have I need so we can get a trade done finally.. we can finalize it on the Bench so we both get the points in. My list is on http://www.freewebs.com/1st4040

  12. 1st40/40,

    Wow, I admire your work ethic. I just don’t have the time to work up what I need or what I have for trade but I will try to check your list soon.

    Thanks for your patience.

  13. being winter up here still… not alot to do other than work and take care of my girls.. the collection helps get my mind off some of the stresses in my life until the warmer weather rolls around and I can take the Stang out cruisin with the windows down and listen to the roar of the exhaust and the whine of the blower!
    I’m holding the Jeter’s you asked me about for the Mrs. and of course I have a few Canseco’s hanging around you might need as well. just waiting to see what I can knock off the wantlist from your doubles.

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