Snubbed yet again by a blogger!

First it was Ben Henry with the famous Baseball Card Blog and the 4-month wait it took to get him to link to Wax Heaven. That wait left me bitter and pretty let-down until I was finally linked, half-heartedly, but no matter. Now there is a new baseball card blog titled ‘Dinged Corners‘ that did the unthinkable. It went and linked to the Infamous Tatiana’s blog (and 10 others) but left Wax Heaven off the list! Ouch! I have feelings too, you know.

Well, I have been doing a little snooping (AKA: reading Steve’s blog) and found out that they enjoy cards of players smiling and thought to myself that there is not a greater smile than the one Jose Canseco flashed for his 1990 Fleer insert titled ‘Player of the Decade’. Below is a scan of the card. I hope it is enough to get me on their good side. *hint* *hint*

Also, I have been checking out two new blogs daily, Auto-Matic for the People & Things Done To Cards and have been considering adding their link to the Top 7 blogs of Wax Heaven. Keep up the great baseball card work up!



  1. This site is still young but I bet much further ahead at this point than they where at the same point.
    Don’t worry too much about those guys, soon you will have people coming out of the woodwork beating down your door to be a part of this site.
    Because its better than those.

  2. Thanks for the compliment, Bryan.
    ‘Dinged Corners’ is a family blog so maybe some of the things posted here was not appreciated but I linked to them either way. I want every single baseball card blog on the blog directory.

    I imagine this place will get much bigger very soon, seeing as the baseball season is right around the corner and I am days away from busting ’08 wax, which means reviews and more box breaks….plus other surprises.

  3. Your crafty tactic appears to have worked. I see a link to your site on there now. Bribing kids and their mothers with Canseco cards. Why am I not surprised. 🙂

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