Where did the F.B.I go?

Last month it appeared that our favorite former Juiced slugger, Jose Canseco, had some serious heat on his tail for attempting to blackmail the King of Oh-Face, Magglio Ordonez. Since that news item made waves across the country there has not been one single follow-up story to the case. Sounds like typical anti-Canseco fodder to me and no, I am not being biased.

The latest ridiculous story comes from this whole Steroids vs. Roger Clemens deal that is unfolding more and more with each day that passes. Did he Juice? Probably so. When? I am guessing sometime in 1998 when he and Jose were teammates. Come to think of it, Shawn Green had a career high that season. So did Carlos Delgado and I am certain Jose had something to do with it but for some reason their name has been left off Canseco’s stories. Check out this article about a party Jose threw in 1998 that Clemens might or might have not attended. Yeah, it’s getting pretty silly these days.

Thanks to Jason Hartigan for the news update! As a reward, here are some 90’s baseball cards of Jose, the caricature. Sadly, he remains more cartoon-ish than ever these days. I just hope all this bad publicity dies down and the hypocrites who have done nothing but lie to the fans get called out for their bullshit.

Who can name 2 out of the 3 cards scanned below?



  1. Its kinda funny when you look at all of the star players who have been accused of taking steroids-ALL played on the same teams as Canseco.
    He was a huge educator/pusher about steroids, and he is the only one to admit use.
    These players just need to admit it, but then what would the supreme court have to do?

  2. People in my high school were doing steroids back in the day. That shit was everywhere let alone Jose’s teams. If you wanted the dough you had to take the ‘roids. And if you wanted to pitch well let’s just say you had to keep up.

    Game Theory lays out steroids as a perfect example of a prisoners dilema. Sure everyone is better off not taking steroids but if you even think that anyone else will your best strategy is to take them too. Your dominant strategy is to take ‘roids to get more money and fame.

    Thanks Mario for a place to defend Mr. Canseco even if he has gone Metro.

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