Rocker accuses Selig, attacks gay couple

Okay, only one of those really happened…that we know of.

As much as everyone hates to admit it, in 1999 John Rocker was loved by Braves fan for his 38 saves and respectable E.R.A. Then, as most of you remember, he imploded as said these things and before you knew it, he was public enemy #1. Somehow he managed to play a few more seasons but eventually retired at just 28 years of age.

Well, he’s in the news again but this time for the Steroids controversy. In a radio interview he said that Bud Selig knew that he failed a Steroids test in 2000 and that M.L.B officials advised him and his team on proper ways to use Steroids. This is getting real interesting now.



  1. It’s amazing how many people I know who liked him *better* after the interview. You can still sell Rocker cards pretty easily around where I live.

    Million dollar arm… ten cent head… no Crash Davis to keep his ass in line. Too bad. I’m pretty sure he wears red silk panties though.

  2. If what he is saying is true . . . and that is up for debate, Selig might have to step down as commisioner. It appears that this is going to be drawn out into the Federal level, and if it’s proven that Selig knew and chose nothing to do about it, he will be forced to resign. You can’t condone steroids and still have a job, just ask Canseco (who by the way mentioned this in his first book).

  3. Rocker definitely doesn’t have the kind of credibility that Canseco has, but you better believe this has MLB and Selig shaking in their boots.
    Bold prediction: Selig resigns within 6 months.
    Any takers?!

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